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Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program Template

Minnesota Drug Testing Laws and Regulations

State: Minnesota
Statute of Order: Minn. Stat. ยง181.950 et seq.
Covered Employers: Public and private employers.
Applicant Testing: Applicant testing authorized, pursuant to employer's written policy and with advance notification of applicant, only after offer of employment has been made and only if all candidates for job are tested.
Employee Testing: Employee testing is authorized after an accident, as part of an employee assistance program, when there is reasonable suspicion of substance abuse, or part of annual physical exam, provided the employee has two weeks' advance notice. Random testing is authorized of employees in safety-sensitive jobs. Employer may suspend or transfer the employee who test positive pending outcome of confirming test. Discharge is authorized only if employee refuses or fails to complete treatment.
Conditions & Methods: Testing only by certified laboratory, documentation showing chain of custody, and confirming test in case of positive findings. Confidentiality of test results.
Important Bulletpoints:
  • The employer must provide a written drug and alcohol testing policy that is in compliance with the Authorized Drug and Alcohol Testing statute of the State of Minnesota. However, employers are not charged with a legal duty to require drug and alcohol testing to their employees as authorized by law.
  • Employees have the right to refuse drug testing but are nevertheless subject to compliant employment action as per the employer’s policies. Refusal to undergo testing for chemical dependency does not make an employee ineligible to workers’ compensation or unemployment benefits.
  • Though drug testing for employees and job applicants in the private sector is a prerogative of the employer, drug testing is mandatory for safety-sensitive jobs such as management or supervisory position where any impairment caused by substance abuse could put to risk the safety or health of another person.
  • Apart from safety sensitive positions, random drug testing may be performed only for professional athletes and only in accordance to any existing collective bargaining agreements applicable for said athlete if such agreement permits random testing.
  • Reasonable suspicion testing is allowed if the employee is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; has an injury or caused injury to another person; figured in a work-related accident; or violated employer’s rules regarding the possession, use, sale or transport of alcohol or drugs.
  • The costs of medical examination required by employers to their employees or applicants as a prerequisite or condition of employment is payable by the employer. In the case of a confirmed positive test and the employee requests for a confirmatory retest, which should be done within 5 days, the full cost of the retesting shall be at the employee’s expense.
  • First time offenders must be given the opportunity to participate in an employee assistance program if provided by the employer or, as an alternative, a suitable drug or alcohol rehabilitation program at the employee’s expense.
  • An employee who was previously diagnosed as chemically dependent or has failed to complete a treatment program or otherwise control the dependency may be discharged for employment misconduct. The employee would thereby be denied of his or her unemployment benefits.
  • An employee who tested positive in his drug test is given three days after receiving his results to explain. He may challenge the positive results through a confirmatory retest at his own expense.
Medical Marijuana Law: Currently, the state of Minnesota has no law pertaining to the use of medical marijuana. However, there are two pending bills to be pushed for legislation in 2014. SF 1641 will legalize the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients. HF 1818 elaborates criminal and civil penalties, authorization et al.
Applicability: The Minnesota Medical Marijuana Law will apply to authorized physicians, qualifying patients, qualifying visitors and primary caregivers of patients, medical marijuana dispensary or agent. A qualifying visitor is a qualifying patient from another U.S. state, territory and the likes. However, marijuana smoking will still be barred on school grounds, school buses, public transportation, correctional facilities, while operating vehicles, in the presence of a minor.
Quantity Allowed: The allowed usable marijuana on the person of qualifying patients and their designated primary caregivers should not be over 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana, a reasonable amount of not-usable marijuana and 12 marijuana plants.
How Obtained: Cultivation of marijuana is allowed. Buying from an authorized medical marijuana dispensary or agent is allowable.
Liability Protection: Physicians cannot be criminally prosecuted for prescribing or recommending the use of medical marijuana for persons with debilitating disease. Qualifying patients and their primary caregivers are exempted from criminal/civil prosecution for the possession, cultivation, transportation, acquisition, manufacture of marijuana and its related paraphernalia. The property of a qualifying patient used in relation to medical marijuana is exempt from being forfeited.
Statutory Requirements for Authorized Use: The state of Minnesota shall release a registry identification card to qualifying patients and their designated caregiver. Proper identification cards shall be issued out to qualifying patients and caregivers within five days of approval or renewal. Qualifying patients need a prescription or recommendation from licensed physicians to use medical marijuana.
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