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Nicotine / Tobacco Tests

Nicotine / Tobacco Tests

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits in the U.S. Help someone you love break the habit, test regularly.


Indoor Air Quality Test

Indoor Air Quality Test Kit

Checks for over 700,000 compounds affecting indoor air quality. 

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Nicotine Test Kit for Testing Tobacco Use (COT)

This easy to use nicotine testing kit detects tobacco use by testing for nicotine and Cotinine in urine. Results are highly accurate.

Our Nicotine test kit can usually detect Cotinine (a stable nicotine metabolite that is easier and more reliable to detect tobacco use) up to 4 days.

You can get results from this confidential test in 5 minutes.

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Nicotine is an alkaloid poison that occurs in tobacco. It is also used in medicine and as an insecticide. Some organizations or agencies may prefer non-smoking employees. Such agencies frequently take assistance of Nicotine tests to detect tobacco usage by potential employees or individuals at a particular point of time. Nicotine is metabolized into 20 different metabolic products out of which, cotinine is used as a biomarker for nicotine testing as half-life of cotinine is comparatively higher than other metabolites and can be detected for up to 3-5 days upon last nicotine use. Nicotine can be tested for by the presence of nicotine or its metabolites in hair follicles, urine or saliva samples as in the case of other drug/metabolite detection tests. Nicotine test is based on the principal of immuno-screening techniques coupled with HPLC, RIA, and Gas chromatography analysis. A positive detection of cotinine in human urine requires at least 200ng/ml cut-off levels. In some cases hair follicle based tests are used for testing the presence of nicotine/cotinine during pre employment drug screening. The advantage of using hair tests is that abstinence or adulteration of the specimen shall not be able to defeat the test. The drug remains in hair for as long as 90 days and can reveal medication/drug usage history of as much as past 6 months!


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