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Avuncular DNA Testing

Avuncular DNA Testing

Using 16 genetic markers, Avuncular DNA testing determines whether a biological relationship exists between an individual and the alleged grand parent, when the alleged father is deceased or unknown.

Our DNA test kits come in two collection formats:

Buccal: Buccal is the "Cheek Swab" Test. A buccal swab is soft and resembles a large Q-Tip. It is used to collect a sample of cheek cells by simply rubbing the inside of the cheeks. It is as accurate as blood, as the DNA is the same. A person should, however, abstain from drinking coffee for a few hours before taking a sample, and smokers should rinse and brush their cheeks with a toothbrush before swabbing.

Blood: If you're considering the blood option, it is quite important that you contact your physician for the collection of blood samples for children under 8 years of age. We offer this option because it is much faster and easier for you to collect. The procedure involves a small lancet that is used to lightly pierce a finger (most don't even feel it). A small drop of blood is then transferred to a collection card - that's it.

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Highest Industry Standards

Accredited by the AABB and the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing


Avuncular DNA tests are, in principle, like paternity/maternity tests where certain specific DNA markers are analyzed to determine the likelihood statistical probability that a person is the grandparent, aunt or uncle of a child, instead of determining a direct parental relationship. We all inherit our genomic content from our parents who, along with their brothers and sisters, have inherited their genetic material from their parents. So, our genetic material may reflect our relationship with our grandparents, aunts and uncles. The Avuncular DNA tests are designed to establish the biological relationship between an individual and the alleged grand parent/ aunt or uncle. While a paternity/maternity test results are often supported by strong statistical confidence, they may not be so robust in case of avuncular tests. There may be legal issues related to adoption/reunion or property disputes involving grand relatives. In such cases the paternal or maternal grandparents can be tested to determine the likelihood they are the child's grandparents. These home based kits are often preferred because of the privacy and discreteness they offer along with the ease and convenience of use.


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