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Instant Drug Testing Dip Strips

Instant Drug Testing Dip Strips

At TestCountry you will find only easy to use, highly accurate instant & lab based drug testing kits. Check product information to see if the tests / labs are FDA cleared or CLIA accredited.


The drug test strips have been a part and parcel of various instant check, home-based kits for testing of myriad drugs/steroids or biomarkers. These drug testing strips can often be used with blood, urine or saliva samples. The test strip is a particular type of blotting paper strip that can either be dipped into the samples or can be inserted into a cassette onto which the sample drops can be loaded. On dipping the strip into the sample or upon loading the sample drops onto the strips, often color bands are generated in the specified pattern indicating the presence or absence of the compound tested for. In some cases, the intensity of the color obtained on the strip may signify approximate levels of the compounds. Some drug testing strips work on dual band pattern basis i.e. if there is a single color band, the test is reported as positive and if there are two color bands, the test is considered to be negative or vice versa. The exact sampling and reporting mechanism depends on the type of strip used and the type of compound tested for.


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