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Instant Saliva Drug Tests

Instant Saliva Drug Tests

At TestCountry you will find only easy to use, highly accurate instant & lab based drug testing kits. Check product information to see if the tests / labs are FDA cleared or CLIA accredited.



Saliva drug test or the oral drug test is the simplest, and perhaps most convenient form of drug testing. Though this method of testing for drug abuse is relatively new, but it is increasingly being used because it of its least intrusive testing protocol. Oral Drug Test is also preferred by various organizations, institutions, hiring agencies and sometimes by schools and colleges to test their employees/students for potential drug abuse because the samples cannot be adulterated or substituted and can be collected easily in virtually any environment without requiring any private rooms as in case of urinalysis. Saliva drug testing kits are available in various forms for private drug testing at home, schools as well as at workplaces. Saliva testing is the best option and an accurate way to self test the levels of various drugs, heavy metals, steroid hormones like progesterone, estradiol, and testosterone etc. A saliva test can also uncover various biochemical imbalances that can be underlying chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, obesity, depression, and many other chronic conditions. Latest research suggests that biomarkers of various cardio-vascular complications and inflammation markers can also be detected using the saliva samples on nano-bio chips.


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