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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Your body is a temple. Our range of Body Balance home testing kits including Antioxidant Check to Stress Check, allows you to take control of your well being. Testing is quick and easy!

Health & Wellness Test Kits:

TestCountry's Health and Wellness Test Kits will allow you to test your well being in many different levels.
Our featured products are:

Female Check: Uses a simple saliva sample to assess estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone levels.

Performance Check:
which measures testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol that contribute to much of your body's functioning ability.

Mineral Check: which measures 11 minerals and 9 toxic elements

Stress Check:
which measures DHEA and Cortisol, your body's natural response to everyday stress

AntiOxidant Check: which Detects free radical activity in the body

Sleep Check: which assess Melatonin levels--your body's natural safeguard for healthy sleep

Male Check: which measures levels of testosterone and DHEA, which can affect: energy levels, mood, lean muscle mass, and much more.

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Health and wellness are relative terms which have different meanings in different contexts. For instance, a person may have a sound cardio-vascular system and a healthy heart but may be suffering from osteoporosis or allergy at the same time. There are many testing or diagnostic kits available in the market to assess a specific pathophysiological state. For instance, there are testing kits for heavy metal poisoning, steroid abuse, alcohol detection, inflammatory disorders, various microbial infections, food poisoning, so and so forth. Such health testing kits are pretty useful in home based analysis and subsequent monitoring of a given condition. Often these kits employ relatively less stringent criteria and are used for preliminary analysis purposes. Extensive lab based testing is frequently recommended for confirmatory purposes, particularly in medico-legal cases.


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