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For the employers, parents and guardians who are vigilant enough to know if their employees or kids or wards were using drugs, which they are not supposed to, it is now very easy to find and trace complete drug/medication history by hair-drug tests. The underlying principal is quite simple. Drugs and their metabolic products/metabolites are shown up in the blood and circulate along to reach various body tissues, including hair follicles. These drugs or metabolites then remain within the hair for as long as 90 days and this makes this test all the more interesting and efficient. The sampling can be performed easily at homes by just pulling out some hair from their roots. The samples are difficult to adulterate and metabolites can't just be washed out by reagents or cleansing shampoos. However, it takes a minimum of a week for the metabolites to appear in the hair follicles.

Any non-US customers are responsible for shipping specimens back to lab.


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