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Lead in Water Tests

Lead in Water Tests

Ingesting lead paint, breathing in lead dust or drinking lead contaminated water can lead to lead poisoning in your or your family. Keep your family safe, perform a home test today.


Every day, you and your family use water in several different instances, such as cooking, drinking, bathing and washing. Because of this it’s important that the water coming out from your tap is free from lead and other contaminants. Lead infects your household water when there are lead pipes, brass fixtures, or lead connectors in your home or community water system. It also enters your water when a lead solder was used on your home water pipes. Unfortunately, the only way to know if your household water, particularly your drinking water contains lead is to have it tested.

Here at TestCountry, we offer DIY and professional home water analysis test kits that detect the presence of lead in your household water. The instant lead water test kit can give results in as fast as 10 minutes using the EPA testing method standard. However, for a comprehensive water analysis test, the results may typically take a few days from the time the sample was received by the testing laboratory. Other home water analysis kits we offer include instant lead in drinking water test kits, drinking water heavy metal testing kit, and complete home water test kits. 


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