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Lead in Surface Tests

Lead in Surface Tests

Ingesting lead paint, breathing in lead dust or drinking lead contaminated water can lead to lead poisoning in your or your family. Keep your family safe, perform a home test today.


Lead Test Kits

Lead is a toxic metal found in some known commercial products and even around your own home. Common sources for lead include paint, gasoline, water pipes, food cans, plumbing fixtures, painted toys and home furniture painted before 1978.

When lead enters your body - usually through the mouth or nose - it remains in your bloodstream for a few weeks and is then absorbed by your bones. Prolonged exposure to lead can cause a number of health hazards, particularly among children aged six and under. Some of the devastating effects of lead exposure include kidney damage, learning disabilities, speech and language problems, poor muscle coordination, and memory problems.

Performing home lead testing with a lead test kit is an efficient way to know whether or not your family is safe from the potential dangers of lead. At TestCountry, you'll find lead surface test kits, instant lead testing swabs, and heavy metal test kits that are designed to measure the lead level in your home. They are convenient to use and detect lead on metals, paint, dust, ceramics, plastic and other surfaces that are susceptible to lead contamination. Home lead testing kits keep you well-informed and allow you to seek help in eliminating lead hazards from your home. 

With such affordably priced lead testing kits, don't hesitate to order and start home lead testing now to ensure the safety of you and your family. 


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