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Prostate Cancer Early Detection

Prostate Cancer Early Detection

Early disease detection uses screening tests to detect diseases before symptoms appear or diagnostic tests to detect a disease early in its course. Early disease detection can sometimes save your life.


Prostate cancer is the third most common cause of death from cancer in men. While the risk factors include age, genetics and diet, the early detection of prostate problems can help you seek immediate treatment even before symptoms of prostate cancer appears. The most efficient way to detect prostate disease is by going through PSA test (Prostate-specific antigen).

At TestCountry, we offer prostate test that can be conveniently performed in your home. The tests will measure your PSA level – the protein produced by cells of the prostate gland – by means of collecting your blood sample. An increased PSA level is said to be a good indicator if you have benign prostate conditions or cancer. Although the PSA blood test cannot distinguish between cancer and benign prostate condition, the result will help your doctor determine if additional test is required to further check signs of cancer.


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