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Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing

Alcoholism is a disease - a chronic, progressive, fatal disease if not treated. If you suspect your employees may be abusing alcohol, perform this easy test today.

Corporate Alcohol Testing Kits and Devices

These instant alcohol test kits and digital alcohol detectors can test for the presence of alcohol in a person's breath. 

They are simple to use and provide highly accurate results, making them ideal for corporate alcohol testing. If you have any reason to believe that your employees may be abusing alcohol or under the influence of alcohol while at work, these instant alcohol testing kits can save you a lot of expense and headaches by confirming the presence of alcohol in a breath sample.

Both the instant test kits and the digital alcohol detectors can be used for on-the-spot alcohol testing, providing you with immediate results.

The BreathScan disposable breath alcohol detector is a DOT-approved, fast, accurate and qualitative alcohol detector. The BreathScan® Alcohol Detector has been on the market since 1987 and, because of its proven reliability and demonstrated affordability, has become the leading disposable device in the breath alcohol testing field.

TestCountry carries the most popular individual and professional digital breathalyzers offered in the market. They are fast and easy to use and include top of the line semiconductor or fuel cell sensor technology.


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