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Nicotine / Tobacco Tests

Nicotine / Tobacco Tests

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits in the U.S. Help someone you love break the habit, test regularly.

Corporate Nicotine Testing Kits

These nicotine test kits can test for the presence of nicotine in a person's saliva, urine or blood. 

The saliva and urine nicotine tests come in formats that provide instant results or you can arrange for laboratory analysis of saliva, urine or blood specimens for a more detailed sample analysis.

Nicotine and cotinine instant test kits are simple to use and require very little training, making them ideal for a corporate setting. Laboratory analysis is affordable and the sample collection can be done on-site.

You can also test for second hand smoke.

The Premium Nicotine Testing Service with Quantified Analysis provides you with comprehensive laboratory service for the detection of nicotine use with only a few drops of blood on the test card. It provides quantified lab results to determine tobacco consumption levels and for second hand smoking effects. It has a longer window of detection than urine and saliva nicotine tests.

The Cotinine laboratory urinalysis tests for the nicotine metabolite cotinine and delivers results electronically in 24-48 hours after specimen collection and has a window of detection up to 2-3 days after nicotine use.

You can also choose saliva laboratory analysis or instant saliva or urine testing strips for the detection of nicotine usage. 


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