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Vitamin Testing

Vitamin Testing

Vitamins are essential for your health and well-being. Vitamin deficiency can cause a variety of diseases.


Vitamins are vital to the health and growth. They help boost the immune system, as well as prevent and cure certain diseases that are very common in humans, such as anemia, colds, acne, allergies, fatigue muscle weakness, and so forth. Although most vitamins can be obtained from food and supplements, the existence of too much junk foods and unhealthy eating habits are quickly resulting to vitamin deficiency among many people, particularly in children and teenagers. The lack of vitamins is visible in a number of symptoms including loss of appetite, dry skin and hair, impaired growth, decreased immune system function, constipation, digestive disturbances, insomnia, muscle aches, stress, slow healing of wounds, low blood calcium, myopia, osteoporosis, etc.

TestCountry’s offered vitamin level tests, such as vitamin deficiency D tests, are useful in determining your vitamin deficiency level. The results will help you understand your symptoms and discuss with your physician the treatment options for such deficiencies. The vitamin deficiency tests are safe and convenient to use, and contain the tools and instructions you need to properly perform the procedure.


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