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Heart Health

Heart Health

Early disease detection uses screening tests to detect diseases before symptoms appear or diagnostic tests to detect a disease early in its course. Early disease detection can sometimes save your life.


The C - reactive protein (CRP) is a general marker measured in your blood to determine whether or not an inflammation or infection is present somewhere in your body. A CRP test is normally ordered by a doctor to check for an infection after surgery or to keep track of infections or diseases that cause inflammation, such as lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis. One type of CRP is hs-CRP or the high-sensitivity CRP test, which is used to evaluate your risk of developing coronary artery disease.

At TestCountry, you’ll find CRP blood tests that are useful in measuring your CRP levels. The CRP tests we offer are safe, easy to use and provide confidential results in just a few days. Monitoring your CRP level helps reduce your risk of heart diseases by focusing on your lifestyle and preventive measures. The more you know about your CRP level the better you become aware of your own health. Use the result as a good discussion point with your physician who may recommend additional tests to provide appropriate diagnosis.


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