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Early Disease Detection

Early Disease Detection

Early disease detection uses screening tests to detect diseases before symptoms appear or diagnostic tests to detect a disease early in its course. Early disease detection can sometimes save your life.


Bacteria are microscopic organisms that are present and thrive everywhere. The good bacteria are integral part of human survival and are recognized to help prevent diseases. They are found in many foods like cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. The practice of boosting the health with the help of friendly bacteria is referred to as probiotics. On the other hand, bad bacteria like pathogens can make you sick. If you come in direct contact with a person that has a throat infection or strep throat – caused by Streptoccocus species – you will be likely get throat infection, too. Unfortunately, you can’t escape bacteria but you can always have yourself checked if you’re experiencing symptoms caused by bacteria.

Here at TestCountry, we offer bacteria tests that detect Strep A antigens and other common pollutants that could be causing you allergic reactions. These bacteria tests are for professional use and home applications. The earlier you identify the culprits of your symptoms the better you can seek appropriate prescriptions or treatment.


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