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Lead in Body Test Kits

Lead in Body Test Kits

Ingesting lead paint, breathing in lead dust or drinking lead contaminated water can lead to lead poisoning in your or your family. Keep your family safe, perform a home test today.


Saliva Lead Test Kits

Lead is still a very real danger for your family even in this modern era. Lead is still turning up in toys, paint and contaminated water with alarming regularity.

One way to keep your family safe against lead contamination is with saliva and hair lead test kits. With a small saliva or hair sample, these kits are able to determine the presence of lead and other toxic contaminants in a person's body.

These saliva and hair lead test kits are easy to use and the sample collection is painless.

Lead can be detrimental to your family. Don't take any chances if you have any reason to believe that your family or home has been exposed to lead contamination, make the small investment in a saliva or hair lead test kit. It could save you from much bigger problems in the future. 


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