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Blood Type

Blood Type

Knowing your or your children’s blood type can save lives. Not only you need to know your and your loved ones blood type but you also can save very valuable time if you have a blood type card that you can carry.


Blood type test kits

These easy-to-use blood type testing kits can tell you your blood type in a few easy steps. They are approved by the Federal Drug Administration, almost completely painless and come with everything you need to find out your blood type.

No collection training is required to use these blood typing tests so you can make it a family activity to find out the blood type for your whole family.

Once the test is complete, you will have a Permanent Blood Type Record Card that you can keep with you. These cards are useful for emergencies.



"It''s easy and very convenient to be able to perfom a home test. I''m hypoglicemic and hipertensive and been able to save at least one hour going to a lab for a fasting take, to have breakfast and take my pills, is just great! In addition, I received my results by mail and in a short period of time I just hope the results with this kind of procedure is really accurrate, which obviously I can''t ascertain, but my feeling is they are. " (Zuleika L)