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Fungus Tests

Fungus Tests

Obtain a diagnosis by performing an initial screening test that saves your the time, expense and embarrassment of going to the doctor.


Fungus inhabits your home in the form of molds and mildew. Their favorite hangouts are those areas that are wet and have humid conditions, such as the bathroom, bedroom, and washing machine. Molds in particular reproduce by means of tiny spores. Inhaling or touching them can cause some allergic reactions like skin rash (dermatitis), sneezing, runny nose, and red eyes. Since fungus can affect you and your family’s health it’s important to identify and control them in your indoor surfaces.

Aside from inhabiting your home, fungus can also live in your skin, such as in the case of fungal infection. The sight of fungus living in your skin is disgusting and could lower your confidence from mingling with other people. Nail fungus is one type of fungal infection characterized by a discolored, thickened and crumbling edges.

At TestCountry, we offer fungus tests to help you test your rooms and air conditioning system for molds, yeast, and fungus. Knowing if your indoor air is contaminated with molds and fungus will allow you to implement necessary clean up to avoid the fungus from spreading. We also carry nail fungus test kits that identifies whether or not you have nail fungus. The nail fungus test includes a nail clipper for collecting samples subject to laboratory analysis by a certified Podiatrist.


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