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Progesterone Hormone Tests

Progesterone Hormone Tests

Hormones have a profound effect on your everyday health and well-being. There are a number of common symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. Our kits are here to help you to determine your hormone levels.


Progesterone is another important type of hormone produced in the female body and plays an important role in maintaining pregnancy. It is produced in the ovaries when a woman gets pregnant and the adrenal glands. Aside from preparing your body for conception, progesterone also helps in regulating your monthly menstrual cycle, reduces swelling or inflammation, keeps blood clotting levels stable, keeps bone and skeletal muscles strong, and stimulates collagen production to increase your skin’s elasticity. A high progesterone level can cause mood swings, hot flashes, drowsiness, incontinence, lowered libido and vaginal infections. Whereas, low levels of progesterone can result to hair loss, acne, dry eyes, muscle pains, panic attacks, and constipation, among others.

There are many reasons that cause progesterone hormone imbalance and at some point you may wonder whether or not your symptoms have anything to do with the abnormal level of your progesterone. To ease your doubts, you can use any one of the progesterone saliva hormone level imbalance test kits offered here at TestCountry. These tests are safe and easy to use. The results are released in just a few days from the date the accredited lab receives your specimen sample. You are highly encouraged to treat the result of the progesterone hormone imbalance test as a guiding tool to discuss with your physician the symptoms you are experiencing to get proper diagnosis.


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