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Genetic Health Risks Testing

Genetic Health Risks Testing

Our Paternity & DNA tests provide the most accurate and conclusive DNA test results available, at very affordable prices. Our laboratory uses 16 genetic marker analysis and is accredited by the AABB as a Parentage Testing laboratory.


Everyone is at risk of developing health problems, such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and kidney diseases. But with the aid of science, you can now find out the probability of obtaining such diseases by means of DNA testing. Although the method was initially popularized in forensic investigations, DNA testing is now used in a variety of scenarios including the tracing of potential diseases that you’re likely to inherit.

TestCountry’s offered genetic DNA test kits are useful in identifying the origins of your ancestors and understanding your genetic risks for certain health conditions. They are easy to perform in your own home and provide step-by-step instructional sheet to walk you through the proper ways of collecting the required specimen. The tests should be done as directed to ensure  the accuracy of result.


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