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CLIA Waived Pregnancy Tests

CLIA Waived Pregnancy Tests

Every test has its own unique requirements. There are specific tests which have been CLIA waved. Here are the CLIA waved drug tests, pregnancy tests, nicotine tests and others.


Missing a period is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy in women. When a patient comes to your clinic with the assumption of being pregnant, your next step is to perform a pregnancy test to confirm the condition of your patient. At TestCountry, we offer CLIA Waived pregnancy test kits that health care professionals can use in diagnosing whether a patient is pregnant or not. The pregnancy test kits are individually packaged; therefore, they are guaranteed clean and safe to use for testing the hCG level in your patient’s urine sample. 

Most of the urine hCG tests listed in this page are able to detect the hCG hormone in pregnant women at the 20-25 mIUs level. If you have CLIA Waiver status, stocking up on pregnancy test kits in your clinic helps you accommodate your patients in a timely manner.


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