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Clinical Supplies & Equipment

Clinical Supplies & Equipment

Diagnostics and monitoring devices are constant necessities for many clinics, hospitals, and emergency units.

For every clinic, health care facility, and hospital, the need for medical lab supplies & equipment is as vital as properly treating the patients. Whether it’s about sanitation or providing correct diagnosis and treatment, your medical facility should rely on accurate instruments, efficient examination and protective supplies,  and cleaning and sterilization essentials to ensure the overall safety of your health care professionals and patients.

Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices: TestCountry’s offered diagnostic and monitoring devices include Otoscope and ophthalmoscope sets, EKG/ECG electrodes, rechargeable handles, electrocardiograph and other vascular instruments, blood sugar test kits, pregnancy test strips, Strep-A dipsticks, and more. These medical devices are ideal for hospital and clinical applications and are essential for detecting and treating a wide variety of health conditions.

DNA/RNA Purification & Extraction: Our offered gDNA purification and extraction kits allow for the rapid and efficient purification of high-quality DNA from whole blood, plasma, serum and other body fluids. The purification kits use reversible nucleic acid-binding properties and rapid spin column technology to yield high quality gDNA intended for a number of downstream applications such as PCR, Southern Blotting, and Restriction Digestion. TestCountry also offers blood RNA kits for isolating total RNA from white blood cells. All DNA and RNA purification kits are available in multiple preps.

Other Medical Supplies: TestCountry has a full list of other medical supplies, such as surgical masks, medical penlights, first aid responders’ wound care kits, examination supplies, specimen collection cups, patients’ chair, disinfectant cleaners, disposable protective gears, medical finger cots, and other sterilization and cleaning tools. These supplies have recommended usage for hospitals, clinics, first aid responder units, rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities.


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