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Background Screening Prepaid Packages

Background Screening Prepaid Packages

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Finding the right employee for your business may require that you perform a background check.

Our prepaid background check packages are designed specifically for businesses that perform only a few background checks, pre-employment screenings and drug tests per year. The prepaid packages are available at competitive rates to help you select the right screening option without purchasing more than what your business needs. Ordering and billing are simple.

Pre-employment screening has become a crucial step in recruiting individuals for employment. It helps reduce turnover rates and promotes a safe work environment where you can be certain that everyone is qualified for the position they hold.

When implementing an employee background check, it's important to know the extent of information you can collect to avoid legal problems in the future. And here at TestCountry, we strive to provide you background screening services that guarantee accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

We will send you a consent form for a prospective employee to fill out and return before we perform the background check to make sure that we are not violating employee rights. Additionally, we will email the prospective employee a drug registration form.

For drug testing, our turnaround time is approximately 1-2 business days from the drug screening collection. The results will be available in a secured PDF format which will be sent to you via email.

A properly done employment background screening will give you peace of mind and ensure that your business is employing only qualified persons. 


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