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Parole / Probation Drug Testing

Parole / Probation Drug Testing

TestCountry has products to conduct a parole drug test or probation drug test as required by a court order.


Parole / Probation Drug Testing

Parole drug testing and probation drug testing is often a requirement for people on parole or probation. Sometimes it is done at random or is scheduled and sometimes it is required for parolees or people on probation when they are traveling from one place to another.

TestCountry partner facilities are accredited drug testing centers, they meet most of the probation drug test requirements. But please check with your parole officer and legal counsel to find out if your drug testing requirements before arranging your drug test.

You or your parole officer will easily find an affiliate drug testing center nearby that can conduct urinalysis if a laboratory drug test is a requirement of parole.

These facilities can also conduct hair drug analysis for a more comprehensive drug history that goes back as far as three months. Alcohol tests and prescription drug tests are also available.


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