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To help you better monitor your pet's health, TestCountry offers accessories to assist with the collection of urine so it can be used in PetConfirm home pet health testing kits.

Collect your dog's and cat's urine easily and with minimal effort with the P-Scoop Dog and Cat Urine Collector and PetConfirm Non-Absorbent Cat Litter.  

The P-Scoop has an extendible handle so you can easily collect your dog's urine from a distance. It's reusable with a quick wash and when you don't need it, simply store it until next time you need it. Carrying the P-Scoop is a breeze thanks to its lightweight design and transferring your dog's urine to the testing device couldn't be simpler because the P-Scoop comes with its own pipette and vial.

PetConfirm's Non-Absorbent Cat Litter does not absorb the urine, meaning you can easily access it and transfer it to a testing device. The cat litter comes with its own pipette and vial. It is ideal for use with PetConfirm home pet testing kits.


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