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Lead Testing Kits

Lead Testing Kits

Ingesting lead paint, breathing in lead dust or drinking lead contaminated water can lead to lead poisoning in your or your family. Keep your family safe, perform a home test today.

Lead Testing Kits:

Test all areas of your home and even your family members with TestCountry's easy, accurate and affordable lead testing kits. We carry lead testing kits for paint, water, surfaces, toys and even kits that will test the lead in your family's bodies.

If you have any suspicion at all that your home might have lead in it, don't hesitate to get one of TestCountry's inexpensive lead testing kits so you can find out for sure and take the necessary steps to rid your home of lead. 

How can lead in my home affect my family?

Although not as much of a concern as it once was, lead is still present in many households across the country. In fact, more than 200,000 children in the United States contract lead poisoning every year. Lead poisoning limits a child's ability to learn, even if it's only short term exposure. It is estimated that a child's I.Q. drops 3 points for every 10 micrograms per deciliter of lead in their blood. If the child receives prompt medical attention, chances for recovery are very good. However, if the exposure goes undetected, it can bring about permanent damage, causing anything from learning disabilities to severe mental retardation and even death. Children under the age of 7 are much more susceptible to lead poisoning because their developing bodies absorb the lead at 4 times the rate of an adult.

Where does lead contamination come from?

Compounding the medical danger of lead contamination is the fact that one of the most common places for children to become exposed to lead is in the home.

Major sources of in-home contamination include:

  • lead-based paints
  • tap water
  • colorful ceramic dishes
  • soil
  • airborne lead particles.


Because you can't see, taste or smell lead, everyone is potentially at risk.

Types of lead testing kits available:

TestCountry carries kits that will test for the presence of lead in paint, water, toys, on surfaces and in people's bodies.

With lead being as omnipresent as it is and with TestCountry offering top quality yet inexpensive lead testing kits, there is simply no reason not to have your home and your loved ones tested if you have any reason to think that there might be a risk of lead contamination for your family.