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Water Quality Test Kits

Water Quality Test Kits

Protect your family from dangerous pollutants in the air, water and surface areas in your home. Test your home for environmental hazards today.


Water Quality Tests

Some experts believe the toxins in our drinking water are the number one health threat causing cancer, heart disease and lead poisoning. Such chronic illnesses are brought on by the body's absorption. Water contaminants not only affect our health, but they can also corrode fixtures, stain and deteriorate clothing and household surfaces, alter the taste of food and drinking water.

  • Chlorine: Chlorinating water is necessary for disinfecting; however, over-chlorination produces by-products known as trihalomethanes. One trihalomethane, chloroform, is a known carcinogen.
  • Nitrate/Nitrite: is a chemical that seeps our drinking water from fertilizer, sewage, feed lots and other geological elements. Nitrate over 10 ppm reduces the amount of oxygen available to the fetus in pregnant women causing "Blue Baby Syndrome" (methemoglobulinemia). It is also considered an immediate threat to children 6 months to 1 year old, and is a major health threat to adults.
  • Iron: is a mineral found in the ground that leaches into drinking water . Although a certain amount of iron is essential to good health, iron levels above .3 ppm cause water to taste bitter, stain and discolor our laundry, fixtures and hair. It is listed under the secondary standards for water.
  • Water hardness: is a measure of calcium and magnesium in water, neither of which are potential health risks in and of themselves

We all need water for various purposes – for drinking, bathing, washing, irrigation etc. Amongst all, the drinking water should be safe and contamination free for a healthy living. There are various types of water tests which apply stringent criteria to ensure microbial, mineral and chemical safety of drinking water. A microbial or bacteriological test indicates presence of any pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria in the drinking water. EPA has designated testing of coliform bacteria as a standard for determination of safety of using water as these bacteria are simple to identify and are much abundant. The Drinking water test kit is made to check for presence of various coliform bacteria & nitrates. Suck kits are quite accurate as all testing material - including sampling bottles are often sterilized to prevent external contamination of samples. A mineral analysis on the other hand provides an estimate of the extent of mineral impurities in the water. Many industrial-waste chemicals can also contaminate a water supply and impair its usability and/or create a health hazard, for instance, petroleum products, industrial chemicals, agricultural pesticides, heavy metals like lead so and so forth. So, water must be checked periodically.


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