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Bacteria in Water Test Kits

Bacteria in Water Test Kits

Protect your family from dangerous pollutants in the air, water and surface areas in your home. Test your home for environmental hazards today.


Bacteria, good or bad, are everywhere. Try hard as you may, they won't let you escape. They live permenently in your gut, helping you in digesting your food, giving you various vitamins which your body can't produce so and so forth. Yet, bacterial contamination is a major problem which leads to a diverse array of diseases, some of which capable of a catastrophic wastage of life. In developing countries, and in developed countries too, bacterial contamination through drinking water is a major problem, unless you got that Aqua purifier installed in your home! High amounts of sediments in water are often related to high concentrations of pathogenic or non-pathogenic bacteria as they easily attach to sediment particles rather than running water. Human and animal waste is another major factor which leads to contamination of natural water bodies. Bacteria water test is only a way for its evaluation. EPA has designated testing of coliform bacteria as a standard for determination of safety of using water as these bacteria are simple to identify and are much abundant. The Drinking water test kit is made to check for presence of various coliform bacteria & nitrates. Suck kits are quite accurate as all testing stuff, including sampling bottles are often sterilized to prevent external contamination of samples. If the laboratory testing indicates significant contamination, you can either install water purifiers or try boiling, chlorination, UV, distillation or ozone treatment of drinking water.


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