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DNA & Paternity

DNA & Paternity

Our Paternity & DNA tests provide the most accurate and conclusive DNA test results available, at very affordable prices. Our laboratory uses 16 genetic marker analysis and is accredited by the AABB as a Parentage Testing laboratory.

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Sometimes you have to go a long way to discover something great….who you really are. If you're looking to find out a FAST, CONFIDENTIAL and RELIABLE answer, you've come to the right place.

At we are here to serve you. It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your paternity testing experience. We will answer all your questions with great expertise and deliver to you the best and most affordable DNA test available.

We are the leading provider of PREMIUM and low cost DNA, paternity and other family relationships tests .

The laboratory that does the DNA paternity testing kits are accredited .  The DNA testing center is a world leader in providing the highest quality and accuracy of testing services.

Our test kits are:

  • Convenient : Self-collected at home or office and laboratory analysis. We have two collection methods- the buccal swab or blood.
  • Fast Results : Fast results-usually 5-7 business days
  • Accurate: Guaranteed results. 99.999% accuracy guarantee for inclusions; 100% for exclusions. We perform thousands of DNA Parentage Tests for clients in the United States and around the world.
  • Confidential : The results of the test are provided in the form of a notarized report. All testing is held in the strictest of confidence with the person (s) directly involving the testing.
  • Acceptable in Courts: Admissible Home Paternity Tests optional.
  • Accredited: The laboratory processing these DNA and paternity tests are accredited.

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Please note that no DNA test kit can be shipped to state of New York.

Industry Accreditations 
The DNA Laboratory Processing these tests are Accredited by the  College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing

The genome of an individual is a combination of both the parents which makes it unique and act as a DNA finger print that can help in tracing back parents. A paternity test involves looking at the DNA of the child in order to find the identity of the alleged father. Almost all somatic types of cells can be used for DNA analysis as essentially most of the cells contain exactly same DNA sequence (except B and T cells which undergo V(D)J recombination). Various forms of paternity tests are available in the market. While some of them are based on blood sampling, others are based on isolation of DNA from cells collected from saliva or buccal epithelium using swabs. Sampling methods may vary but in essence they all isolate DNA from the collected cells and either use probe hybridization methods or use sequencing and computational sequence analysis tools to establish paternity.

Steps in DNA Sample Processing

DNA sampling has become one of the most extensively used evidence to match human identity and determine the executor of the crime same for over 15 years now. Using the STR markers, the laboratory makes forensic DNA sampling through three significant processes: biology, technology and genetics then confirm result for accuracy via validation with DNA databases. Firstly, the laboratory obtains sample from blood, saliva, or any matter that may contain patterns of DNA such as pieces of clothing and drinking vessels from the biological source, in the crime scene, or from relatives of the perpetrator and defendant. The DNA samples are then separated by regions to produce more reliable result. In biology the laboratory uses polymerase chain reaction. DNA typing methods include slab gel and capillary electrophoresis while Genetics procedure, includes comparing DNA profile with other existing samples. DNA results in the laboratory are backed by proofs which make them admissible to court proceedings.



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