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Siblingship DNA Testing

Siblingship DNA Testing

Using 16 genetic markers, Siblingship DNA testing determines if two individuals share one or both parents (i.e. if they are full siblings).

Siblingship Tests

Siblingship test determines the likelihood that two individuals are siblings.

There are two types of siblingship tests:
- In a full siblingship test, the two individuals are known to share one biological parent (usually the mother), and the test is performed to see if they share the other parent (i.e., they are full siblings).
- In a half siblingship test, two individuals are tested to see if they share one biological parent (i.e., they are half siblings). In most of our cases, we test two individuals with different mothers to see if they share the same father.

Siblingship tests are used to provide additional evidence of family relationships in situations where the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity test. Siblingship tests are also used in verifying biological family members of an adoptee or siblings who were separated at birth.##Whether it's two siblings that share one common biological parent, or have the same biological parents, TestCountry's Full or Half- siblingship DNA Tests can be used for either personal or legal purposes.

Our service is speedy and confidential, results are available in just 5-7 business days.

Our test kits come in two Forms:

Home Testing: Our Home Maternity test is similar to a Paternity Test, but determines the probability that a woman is the biological mother of a child. DNA samples can be taken from just the alleged mother and child, but may also include the father.

Legal Testing: To be court-admissible, maternity tests must be backed by proof of the identities of the test participants and a chain of custody of the samples collected (provided by a witness). We now offer a court-admissible version of our Home Test Kit for a small additional charge; this test qualifies as an American Association of Blood Banks AABB accredited test.If you think that you may need to use the results of a test in court proceedings, then you should choose this home kit option.

Our maternity Test kits are:

  • Easy to Use: Samples are obtained from the child and the alleged mother (the father's participation is optional, but strongly suggested).
  • Accurate: Guaranteed results. 99.999% accuracy guarantee for inclusions; 100% for exclusions. We perform thousands of DNA Parentage Tests for clients in the United States and around the world.
  • Confidential : The results of the test are provided in the form of a notarized report. All testing is held in the strictest of confidence with the person (s) directly involving the testing.
  • Accredited: We are accredited by the AABB and the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing.

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Highest Industry Standards

Accredited by the AABB and the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing


We often hear or read about extra-marital affairs and associated property disputes. Some cases may require determination of biological parents of siblings. There are some DNA Siblingship Tests available for such purposes. Often, these are required when the alleged father isn’t available for the paternity tests and the unsure siblings or the legal system needs to know if the siblings have one or both parents in common. There are two type of the tests suggested for this purpose: 1) Full Siblingship test: This test is performed to know if the two siblings share both biological parents. 2) Half Siblingship test: This test is for those siblings who believe that they only share a biological parent in common. The results of the test are often obtained in the form of a genetic index that indicates odds in favor of, or against to a biological sibling relationship. Because of the several confounding factors involved in these tests, results are often not as definitive as those of other DNA relationship tests like paternity or maternity tests.These tests may also be used to solve the adaptation reunification situations. The involvement of the mother is always appreciated as this gives a better conclusive result.


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