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Seeing your doctor and getting your hormone levels tested regularly are important to maintain desired levels as well as check up on the effectiveness of treatment.

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NOTE: The tools and information on this page are designed to give you an idea of the possible causes of selected symptoms. It is not designed to diagnose or treat any illness. Please discuss your results with your physician or other health care professionals. Accuracy of "Symptoms and Causes" data is not guaranteed and subject to verification by the user.

Hormone Imbalance Symptom Test

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The importance of hormone testing

Every person's body produces hormones, which it needs to function properly. Hormonal deficiencies can cause myriad health problems for a person, especially in certain stages of life like menopause, puberty or during pregnancy.

Hormone testing at home can be an effective and inexpensive way to ensure that your body has the right balance of hormones to maintain optimal health.

Some of the hormones you can test for at home with an easy and convenient hormone test kit include:

  • -Estradiol
  • -Progesterone
  • -Testosterone
  • -Cortisol
  • -Estriol
  • -Estrone

You can test for these hormones individually or get multi-panel hormone tests that will test multiple hormone levels at the same time.

Generally, these hormone tests will require a urine or saliva sample and some of them require you to ship the specimen to a laboratory for the results. These hormone testing kits come with everything you need to collect the sample and ship it, including the forms that the lab uses to keep track of the sample. 


"I have already sent a link to your website to a detective with our local police dept for her to refer to other parents wishing to test their teens. I have come to understand that having a supply of tests on hand is invaluable to managing my daughter''s drug behavior and to keep initiating conversations about drug use. Thank you." (Julia M)