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Home Access Standard HIV-1 At-Home Test System

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Product Description

    • Detects HIV Infection at Home or Workplace 
    • 1 in 8 Americans are Unaware of Having HIV (CDC)
    • FDA Cleared, CLIA Certified Laboratory, 99.9% Accurate
    • Includes a Detailed Report to Review with Your Doctor 
    • Results Available in Approximately 7-10 Business Days after Sample is Received
    • No Additional Lab Fees, Pre-Paid Sample Return Shipping and Post Test Counselling(Optional) 

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The Home Access HIV Standard Test Kit makes testing for HIV a very convenient, easy and confidental procedure. There is no longer a need to go to the doctor's, wait in long lines and incur high medical charges, when you can conduct this test in your home with those close to you nearby for support. We know this can be a trying time, which is why there are professionally-trained counselors available at all steps of the testing process.

Each kit comes with a detailed instruction booklet designed to help you get through the testing process from pre-test registration, to collecting a blood sample, to shipping the sample to the laboratory, to receiving your results. Plus, only you can access your results, as each kit comes with an eleven-digit access code number granting you and only you access.



  • The Home Access HIV Test is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved HIV-1 test system
  • Clinically proven to be more than 99.9% accurate
  • Anonymous - You are identified only by a code number that comes with your kit
  • Help Line - Toll-free telephone support for test and result questions
  • Timely - Accurate results in 7 days

The Confidential HIV Standard Test Kit includes:

  • One collection kit
  • Return postage to the lab
  • Test results and laboratory analysis
  • Post-test counseling

How Does HIV StandardTest Kit Work?

  1. Code Number Registration and Pre-Test Counseling You begin by calling a toll free number to register your anonymous Access code number and complete pre-test counseling, questions and demographic information. You can choose to speak to a counselor or use our automated registration and education system. Our counselors are available to help you with any questions or personal concerns.

Step 1.a. - Save Your Access Code Number

Tear off the top sheet of your Blood Specimen Collection Card. It contains your personal Access Code Number. Keep your code number in a safe place.

Step 1.b. - Read Informed Consent Section

Before registering your Access Code Number, read the conditions of Informed consent found here.

Step 1.c. - Register Your Access Code Number

Before collecting your blood spot specimen, you must call 1-800-400-8988 to register your code number. Register any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Counselors are available (except holidays) for assistance and to answer questions.

  1. Sample Collection Using the retractable safety lancet provided, you prick your fingertip and place drops of blood on the blood specimen card included in the test kit. You only need enough blood to fill a circle the size of a dime.

Step 2.b. - Read All Specimen Collection Instructions

Read and carefully follow the directions for use inside your kit.

Step 2.c. - Wash and Dry Hands

Wash your hands with soap and warm (not hot) tap water. Dry your hands thoroughly.

Step 2.d. - Uncover Blood Specimen Collection Card Circle

Before you draw your blood drops, uncover the printed circle on the Blood Specimen Collection Card.

Step 2.e. - Choose Finger and Puncture Site

Choose a puncture site on the "soft" pad of the fingertip, preferably on the middle or ring finger.

Step 2.f. - Clean Puncture Site with Alcohol Prep Pad and Dry with Gauze Pad

Clean the selected puncture site with the Alcohol Prep Pad.

Step 2.g. - Stimulate Blood Flow to the Fingers

Let your hand with the finger you intend to lance hang at your side for 30 seconds. Vigorously "shake" your fingers and arm back and forth for a few seconds.

Step 2.h. - Position your Hand and Safety Lancet

Support the back of your hand on a table or countertop with the palm up. Place the Safety Lancet in the other hand between the first and second fingers. Your thumb should be on the lancet trigger.

Step 2.i. - Draw Blood Drops

Firmly press the tip of the Safety Lancet against the pad of the selected finger, using steady pressure to form a dimple. Forcefully depress the lancet's trigger with your thumb.

Step 2.j. - Apply Pressure to Finger Near Puncture Site

Turn your hand over and let large drops of blood collect at the puncture site. To increase blood flow, use your thumb and first finger on your other hand to gently apply pressure around puncture site.

Step 2.k. - Add Blood Drops to Circle on Blood Specimen Collection Card

Once a large drop of blood has formed, touch the blood drop gently inside the circle printed on the Blood Specimen Collection Card . Apply blood drops inside the circle until it is completely filled.

Step 2.l. - Check Back of Circle to See if Blood Soaked Through



To ensure you have enough blood on the Blood Specimen Collection Card pull back the protective cover and inspect the circle on the back (see diagrams below). If there are areas where the blood has not soaked through, place additional blood drops on the front side of that area until the circle on the back is completely filled.

Step 2.m. - Apply Bandage

After completely filling the circle with blood, apply an Adhesive Bandage to the puncture site.

Step 2.n. - Place Used Saftey Lancet(s) in Lancet Disposal Container

Put used Safety Lancet(s) in the Lancet Disposal Container. Snap the container shut by pressing down hard on the lid. Safely dispose of the sealed Lancet Disposal Container and all other used materials in your home garbage.

Step 2.o. - Write Your Code Number and Collection Date

Write your Access Code Number and the date you collected your specimen on the Blood Specimen Collection Card in the space provided. DO NOT SIGN YOUR NAME!

  1. Shipping Your blood sample is protected by an enclosed weather resistant protective pouch which is placed in a self-addressed, pre-paid FedEx® or U.S. Mail shipping envelope, all included in the test kit. Your sample is shipped directly to our certified laboratory. ALLOW BLOOD SPOT TO AIR DRY FOR 30 MINUTES BEFORE BEGINNING THIS STEP.

Step 3.a. - Place the Blood Specimen Collection Card in Specimen Return Pouch after Drying

Fold the protective flap back to its original position on the Blood Specimen Collection Card. Place the Blood Specimen Collection Card in the Specimen Return Pouch.

Step 3.b. - Tightly Seal Specimen Return Pouch

Peel off the adhesive cover at the top of the Specimen Return Pouch. Fold down along the perforation. Press down hard along the back of the fold to seal it tightly.

Step 3.c. - Place Specimen Return Pouch in Cardboard U.S. Mail Envelope

Place the sealed Specimen Return Pouch in the Cardboard U.S. Mail Envelope. To seal the Cardboard Envelope, peel off the adhesive cover, fold down the flap and press down hard on the flap.

Step 3.d. - Use U.S. Postal Service for Shipping

Take the sealed Cardboard U.S. Mail Envelope to any United States Post Office Mail Box for delivery. This envelope has been printed with prepaid postage.

  1. Laboratory Analysis The laboratory is FDA approved and CLIA certified (laboratory registration certificate CLIA #14D0981820). Our procedures and protocols have been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration under cGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). At the laboratory, your blood sample is tested by experienced technicians using the exact same test ordered by doctors' offices, hospitals and clinics, ensuring greater than 99.9% accuracy.
  2. When Results are Available Results for the Standard HIV Test Kit should be available 7 business days (not including Sundays & Holidays) after ship date. After receiving results by phone you may request a written copy of results by email or by U.S. mail.
  3. Post-Test Counseling You access your test result and receive post-test counseling by once again entering your Access code number. Counselors are available to offer nationwide medical and social service referrals to people requiring further assistance. Counselors can search from more than 19,000 organizations included in the Health referral database to identify the most appropriate resource to meet your specific needs.

International buyers are responsible for shipping the specimens back to the lab in the United States. TestCountry is not responsible for failed tests due to delays and/or miscollection of specimens.

Sample transit time to the laboratory should not surpass 10 days. If you are shipping from overseas please use a fast method to ensure that the sample is viable.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"Great service and ease of ordering, speedy delivery. I've bought the Test before two years ago at Walgreens and actually got looks from other patrons as I had to ask for the HIV Test located behind the counter. Hello I'm in a committed relationship and prior to having an intimate relationship I want to make sure we both are "Clean". I knew I was, but can't ask him to take the test without doing it yourself. Now . . . I'm a female "newly" dating (three months) a male and we both decided we wanted a more intimate relationship. We are both in our 50's, but young and active. So I decided to order through your site vs. the Walgreens experience."
"Taking an HIV test is never easy. I know because I've had several in my life time for various reasons. I don’t like going to the clinic and waiting there and I don’t always feel like talking to my doctor about taking the test, sometimes I just want to take it and be done with it. The test was delivered very quickly and it’s not difficult at all to do. For the pre-registration process, you call, punch in your home access number, and then you are presented with a bunch of questions. You can choose to answer them or not, as they are all demographics based. That took about 5 minutes. I recommend lancing the side of your middle finger of your weaker hand, as the tissue is softer on the side. You also leave your primary hand free to do the squeezing and blood placement. Be sure to run your hand under warm water for about 30 seconds prior to lancing. This will soften the tissue and increase blood flow. It can take a few tries to get the right pressure for good blood flow. Too much will cause the blood to clot quicker and not enough will take so long the blood clots before the circle can be filled. If you can't fill it in one try, there's another lancet for you to stick yourself with. The whole process took about 60 minutes and I received my results equally as quickly. I recommend this test to anyone, who like me, needs to know."
"My ex cheated on me and I was forced to go online all stealth-like and buy this HIV test. It was fine. I got my results back the next business day but I do have one small complaint about it. that little pricker thingy that you use to get blood out of your finger doesn’t work so well. I used both that were included and barely got enough blood to fill in the little circle as required. I think they need a better pricker. I would recommend this product because it’s efficient, discrete and the price is good. the pricker thingy is not so good but that’s not enough to stop me from recommending it. "
"I was hesitant about the accuracy of home tests at first, but after learning that this is FDA approved, I gave it a try. It's a better option for me since I believe it can best protect my privacy."
"My friend recommended this to me and told me of its reputation of accuracy and confidentiality. In critical situations like where I am now, getting the best services is a must."

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