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Mold Testing Kit

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Product Description

    • Easy-to-Use Do-It-Yourself Testing Kit
    • Fast Results Within 48 Hours
    • In-Depth Lab Analysis is Available for an Additional Fee
    • Helps Determine Whether or Not Harmlful Mold is Present in Your Home

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The kit includes a vacuum sample dust collector, sterile swab and payment form.

To have your sample analyzed, mail it with the completed forms and Pro-Lab will send back the results within seven business days. Lab Analysis ($40) is available which identifies the type (genus name) of mold present. (Lab fees are extra and are not included in the TestCountry price.) Pro-Lab tests for all types of molds and lists descriptions of each mold. The results even display whether or not your home or office contains elevated levels of mold or not.

If you have any reason to suspect mold in your home or office space, it's imperative to confirm whether it's toxic as soon as possible. The Pro-Lab Incorporated MO109 offers three sampling methods. This mold test kit tests for mold in the air using the included settling plate, and can also test the quality of the air coming through your ventilation system. Additionally, you can swab visual mold growth in your home.

When conducting air testing, Pro-Lab recommends purchasing at least two kits to perform both indoor and outdoor testing to form a basis of comparison. The outdoor kit serves as a baseline. If more mold growth occurs in the inside plate than the outside plate, it is an indication that you may have elevated mold levels inside your home. You need one kit per area of concern, and each kit can test up to 1,000 square feet within a room.

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Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"I would definitely recommend this radon test kit. It was simple to administer and the return package provided to send the test kit back to their lab was no expense to me (some tests rely on you to pay for the shipping bak to the lab). The test confirmed low levels of Radon and I feel very comfortable now with the quality of air inside my home."
"If you hire someone to inspect for mold and test it, it costs $300-$400 at the least so this product is a steal (even with the added lab fee). We got quick and professional results within a little over a week. Toxic Black mold was found in our home and we have since move and are are now going to sue the landlord of the last place. Wish me luck!"
"The product was easy to use, and the results were delivered to me very promptly."
"became very expensive once you add up the total cost and realized that more then one sample is going to be sent in for analyzing. Results were vague and customer service was not helpful in answering my questions from the results. I’m not sure they had any idea what I was talking about."
"The test works as advertised, basically you leave the sensor in a non-drafty lower level location for 48 hours and then mail it to the lab so they can analyze the results. My test results were a bit higher than expected but nothing to worry about. This kit saved me the money of having to hire a radon specialist to come in for testing. "
"We have well on our backyard and we use the water from our well in many household chores. I purchased this product to conduct my personal testing on the quality of water from our well. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the quality of water from our well is good. "

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