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Pesticides in Water - Testing Kit

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    • Easy-to-Use Do-it-Yourself Testing Kit
    • Convenient At-Home Test, No Lab Analysis Required
    • Helps Tests for Pesticides in Your Home -- Tests Should Be Done Annually
    • Professional, Accurate and Reliable Results

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All of us need water in order to live. We can survive without eating for some days, but we will die if we don’t drink water in just a few days. Drinking clean, potable water is vital to one’s body especially to children. The presence of harmful substances such as bacteria, dirt and chemicals in water can be a life-threatening situation. 

This easy-to-use water testing kit can perform a professional, accurate and reliable screen test of your drinking water for presence of harmful substances, especially toxic levels of chemicals such as pesticides.  This complete water test kit can be conducted in just a few minutes and an easy-to-understand interpretation guide is included for analysis of results.  Water screening test is advised to be done once a year.  

This pesticide water test kit is affordable and can be done at home, saving you from the costs of expensive laboratory tests. The water test kit can also yield the same reliable result just like of those expensive lab diagnostic tests. Save your family and save your money. Try it for yourself!


A recent report of the World Health Organization estimated that there are one million pesticide poisonings, resulting in 20,000 deaths each year. Estimates are that nearly one-half of the ground and well water in the United States is, or is in danger of being, seriously contaminated with pesticides.

WHAT ARE PESTICIDES? Pesticides are toxic chemicals that are widely used to control weeds, insects, and other unwanted plants or animals in agriculture, industry, and residential settings. Their effectiveness, however, has caused considerable pollution. Atrazine and simazine are two of the most commonly used pesticides in the United States and both have been found in surface and ground water supplies around the world at toxic levels.

HOW DO YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH PESTICIDES? Pesticide contamination of drinking water is suspected to be wide spread throughout the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you may ingest, inhale, or absorb potentially harmful chemicals from drinking pesticide contaminated water; eating foods prepared with contaminated water or breathing in fumes while showering, cooking or washing.

WHAT CAN PESTICIDES DO TO YOU? While pesticides have different affects on various people, even low level exposure can cause serious health problems. Some people suffer a variety of effects which may include headaches and skin rashes. Long-term exposure from inhalation, ingestion and/or skin absorption can damage internal organs, cause chromosome damage, cancer and death. Fetuses, babies and children are suspected to be more vulnerable than adults.

HOW DO YOU FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A PESTICIDE PROBLEM? To find out if pesticides are a problem in your home or office, you must test. The PRO-LAB Professional Pesticides in Water Test Kit is the most accurate instant pesticides test available to the consumer. The NON-TOXIC laboratory grade test strip, when moistened with water, provides the most effective and reliable results possible.


CONTENTS One (1) pesticide test strip One (1) sample vial One (1) pipette/dropper

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS PLEASE CALL (800) 427-0550 Or visit us on the Internet at:

The PRO-LAB Pesticides in Water Test Kit (patented) contains everything you need to find out if your water contains unsafe levels of the most commonly used pesticides atrazine and simazine. Each test is calibrated to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Maximum Contaminant Level for atrazine 3ppb (parts per billion) and simazine 4ppb (parts per billion).

Note: read all directions before starting the test. Do not use on hot water. Do not open the foil pouch until immediately prior to use, exposure to air damages the unused test. Do not re-use any part of the test kit.

  1. DIRECTIONS Open the foil pouch and take out all of the contents. Each test kit contains one (1) pesticide test strip, one (1) sample vial, and one (1) eye pipette/dropper, as well as a desiccant packet that preserves the test strip. The desiccant should be discarded once the foil pouch is opened. 2. Using the pipette/eyedropper, place five drops of the water sample you are testing into the sample vial. Then, place the vial on a flat surface. 3. Place the pesticide test strip into the sample vial with the arrows pointing down for a period of exactly ten (10) minutes. Do not disturb the test strip or vial during this time. Blue lines will start to appear on the test strip, indicating that the test is working. 4. Take the test strip out of the vial and read the results exactly at the ten (10) minute period. Results may change after the initial ten (10) minutes.

INTERPRETING THE RESULTS Negative: If the results of the test is NEGATIVE, your water sample contains 2ppb (parts per billion) or less of atrazine, or 3ppb (parts per billion) or less of simazine. Positive: If the result of the test is POSITIVE, your water sample contains 3ppb (parts per billion) or more of atrazine, or 4ppb (parts per billion) or more of simazine. If your test strip shows a positive result, your water sample may contain pesticides at at toxic level. Drinking water contaminated with atrazine or simazine at these levels may be dangerous to your health. Take the appropriate action. Pesticide testing should be conducted a least annually or whenever you suspect a potential contamination.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"I would definitely recommend this radon test kit. It was simple to administer and the return package provided to send the test kit back to their lab was no expense to me (some tests rely on you to pay for the shipping bak to the lab). The test confirmed low levels of Radon and I feel very comfortable now with the quality of air inside my home."
"If you hire someone to inspect for mold and test it, it costs $300-$400 at the least so this product is a steal (even with the added lab fee). We got quick and professional results within a little over a week. Toxic Black mold was found in our home and we have since move and are are now going to sue the landlord of the last place. Wish me luck!"
"The product was easy to use, and the results were delivered to me very promptly."
"became very expensive once you add up the total cost and realized that more then one sample is going to be sent in for analyzing. Results were vague and customer service was not helpful in answering my questions from the results. I’m not sure they had any idea what I was talking about."
"The test works as advertised, basically you leave the sensor in a non-drafty lower level location for 48 hours and then mail it to the lab so they can analyze the results. My test results were a bit higher than expected but nothing to worry about. This kit saved me the money of having to hire a radon specialist to come in for testing. "
"We have well on our backyard and we use the water from our well in many household chores. I purchased this product to conduct my personal testing on the quality of water from our well. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the quality of water from our well is good. "

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