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»»Premium H.Pylori Instant (Blood/Plasma/Serum) Test Device (CLIA Waived)

Premium H.Pylori Instant (Blood/Plasma/Serum) Test Device (CLIA Waived)

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Premium H.Pylori Instant (Blood/Plasma/Serum) Test Device (CLIA Waived) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Detects IgG Antibodies Specific to H.Pylori
    • Estimated 30-40% of Americans Suffer from H.Pylori Infection (CDC)
    • H.Pylori is the Major Cause of Peptic Ulcer Disease and Gastritis (CDC)
    • Professional Diagnostic Use Only and Visual Results Instantly
    • FDA Cleared, CLIA Complexity Waived (For Whole Blood)
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A rapid test for the qualitative detection of lgG antibodies specific to Helicobacter pylori in human whole blood, serum and plasma.

Detailed Description

FEATURES of the H. Pylori Detection Device:
- Screens whole blood, serum and plasma samples
- CLIA Waived for whole blood samples
- Results in minutes
- Requires room temperature storage
- Very high overall accuracy

BENEFITS of the H. Pylori Detection Device:
- Flexible Testing
- Simple laboratory procedure
- Rapid results for early diagnosis
- Convenient handling
- Confidence in test results

H. Pylori Detection Test Kit contains:
- Transfer pipette and capillary tubes
- External positive/negative controls
- Developer buffer

What is H. Pylori?
Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a type of bacteria. Researchers believe that H. pylori is responsible for the majority of peptic ulcers.

H. pylori infections are common in the United States. About 20 percent of people under 40 years old and half of those over 60 years have it. Most infected people, however, do not develop ulcers. Why H. pylori does not cause ulcers in every infected person is not yet known. Most likely, infection depends on characteristics of the infected person, the type of H. pylori and other factors yet to be discovered.

Researchers are not certain how people contract H. pylori, but they think it may be through food or water.

Researchers have found H. pylori in the saliva of some infected people, so the bacteria may also spread through mouth-to-mouth contact such as kissing.

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PROCEDURE: Read procedure before running test. Refer to package insert for details.

Place test device on a clean, dry, level surface.


Venipuncture Whole Blood
Add 2 Drops of Blood (about 50µL), then 1 Drop of Buffer to the Sample Well.


Fingerstick Whole Blood
Add 1 Capillary Tube of Blood (about 50µL), then 1 Drop of Buffer to the Sample Well.


Add 1 Drop of Serum or Plasma (about 25µL), then 1 Drop of Buffer to the Sample Well.


Read results at ten (10) minutes. Do not move test device until ready to read.


Interpretation of Results

Any shade of red in the test line
region (T) should be considered positive.

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