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»»»»»Multi Drug 4 Panel Urine Cassette Test (mAMP/COC/THC/OPI) - CLIA Waived

Multi Drug 4 Panel Urine Cassette Test (mAMP/COC/THC/OPI) - CLIA Waived

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Multi Drug 4 Panel Urine Cassette Test  (mAMP/COC/THC/OPI) - CLIA Waived click to enlarge

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Product Description

  • Easy-to-use
  • Cups & Gloves Available1 
  • Fast, accurate and reliable results
  • Easy to read results
  • Economical
  • Convenient for use at home or in the office 

  • Must be ordered in multiples of 25

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1 - 49$2.95
50 - 99$2.62
100 + $2.29


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Multi Drug 4 Panel Urine Cassette Test (mAMP/COC/THC/) (OPI)

The device is also clearly marked and easy to read, plus you can photocopy the results for safekeeping. Not to mention results can be read in a matter of seconds. 

These tests are great for use in the workplace for random drug testing or even in the home. You can test for Opiates (includes Heroin).

1For your convenient and safe use of our test kits, please consider adding on Gloves & Cups to ship together with your order..

Once the donor has provided a specimen, a pipette (eye dropper) is used to transfer specimen from the collection container to the device. The results are generally ready in 60 Seconds and can be photocopied.


Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"We know how important it is to have a stable drug testing program in the office, but we're glad to realize it is possible to put up one without using too much of our company's budget . Thanks to this multi-drug test, we save lots of time and money."
"We've heard about people substituting urine samples to pass drug tests. It really is a good thing this particular test comes with a temperature strip to detect fake urine. "
"Used it a couple of time and results came back inconclusive. Better to spend a bit more money and get a more reliable test. "
"Cup works well and is the right price. We use these for drug testing at work. They are a lot better than having to do multiple tests for multiple drugs. "
"I find the results a bit hard to read but other than that it’s a good bargain for a drug test that tells you about five different drugs. "
"I was given a miniscule budget and then told to use it to create a comprehensive drug testing regimen at work. I thought I was sunk until I found these cups. They are the easiest thing in the world to operate and they save a lot of money. The only problem I’ve had with them is a few inconclusive tests but those seem to be rare. We’ve been using them for years and they’ve more often than not been very good. "
"Just one test is needed to detect the use of 10 different drugs. It decreases our company's overall cost of conducting a comprehensive drug testing program."

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