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»EldonCard - Instant At-Home Blood Type Test Kit

EldonCard - Instant At-Home Blood Type Test Kit

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Product Description

    • Detects Blood Type (ABO) and Rh factor
    • Can be used for Individual Testing, School Projects, Community Blood Testing Camps and More
    • Permanent Blood Type Record Card After Use
    • No Prior Blood Collection Training Required
    • FDA-Approved Test

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This FDA-approved, easy to administer test kit contains everything required to determine your blood group type and also Rh factor. This is a great instant blood type test kit for individuals, schools, nonprofit organizations, government institutions, laboratories, universities, community centers and military units.

No collection training required to use this EldonCard home blood type test kit.

This patented EldonCard kit creates a permanent blood type record card for medical histories and emergencies.

Knowing you and your children's blood type can save lives. You also can save very valuable time if you have a blood type card that you can carry. This test kit can do ensure both of these for you. 

When immediate blood transfusion or replacement is required, knowing your blood type can save your life. Unfortunately, many surveys indicate that a high percentage of people do not have their critical blood type group information because either they don't ask or they forget when the medical professionals communicate their patients with their blood type information.

The EldonCard blood typing kit uses the basic forward antibody method of blood hematology to easily and quickly provide the user with their blood type (A, AB, B or O) and rhesus factor (Rh negative or Rh positive) in a few minutes without the need for special laboratory supplies or training.

The blood type test card included in this collection kit can be filled out with personal identification information and laminated with the provided plastic sheet to make a permanent record card. The EldonCard instant blood type test kit is also excellent for classroom instruction and other educational applications.


Knowing your blood type can save lives in immediate medical emergencies and also help improve your life in other ways. There are many research findings that show that eating right for your blood type can help you maintain a long, healthy lifestyle. There are blood type diets that talk about the importance of eating right for your A,B, AB or O blood type with Rh factor.

Blood typing is determined by the type of antigens or markers that are on the surface of red blood cells (either "A" or "B") and if there are antibodies to a portion of the blood type known as the Rh factor (either "positive" or "negative"). Blood type is inherited from and dependent upon the blood type of an individual's parents.

In the case of a blood transfusion, your blood type needs to be compatible with the transfused blood or an allergic-type reaction can occur resulting from the immune system, in which the recipient blood cells attack the incompatible donor blood cells as invading organisms.

It is very important to know the Rh factor status when a woman is pregnant. If a pregnant woman is Rh negative and her baby is Rh positive, the mother's immune system can sometimes attack the baby's blood cells because of the differing blood types. Pregnant women should routinely have a blood typing test done to see if they are at risk.

Instructions for this product are in PDF format: (click on the link to open) (click on the link to open) (click on the link to open)

If you do not have one of these PDF readers installed on your system, please download and follow the instructions in order to read PDF documents on your computer:
  • What are the Most Common Blood Types?
  • What are the Rarest Blood Types?
  • Why is it important to know your Blood Type?
  • What is a Lectin?
  • Does cooking destroy or neutralize lectins?
  • Does sprouting destroy or neutralize lectins?
  • What is agglutination?
  • Which lectins react with, or agglutinate human blood cells?
  • Just because a given food agglutinates my blood, does that necessarily make it a bad thing?
  • What impact does the blood type diet have on the developing fetus during pregnancy?
  • Are there any differences in digestive powers between the various ABO types?
  • Is it true that due to incompatible Blood Type Diet, A's live the shortest lives while O's on the other hand, live the longest & B's & AB's somewhere in between.
  • What does the blood type theory say?
  • What makes the "blood type" theory a little unconvincing?
  • What is Blood typing?
  • What are the different blood groups?
  • What is ABO blood grouping system?
  • What is Rh factor blood grouping system?
  • How can one find out to which blood group someone belongs?
  • How to decide and project your child's blood type?
  • How are blood types related to the six genotypes?
  • Do I need to know my blood type?
  • Who is a “universal blood donor” and a “universal blood recipient”?
  • What is Rh incompatibility?
  • How Rh incompatibility is not much significant in first pregnancy?
  • What complications can arise in second pregnancy in case of Rh incompatibility?
  • How can Rh incompatibility be prevented?
  • Who can receive blood from whom?
  • What are the different Lab based blood typing tests?
  • What is an Indirect Coombs test?
  • What is the significance of Rh antibody titer in Lab based Blood typing?
  • How is Keihauser-Betke stain test helpful in Blood typing?
  • How lab based blood typing is better than Home based blood typing?
  • In which cases home based testing may be preferred over lab based methods?
  • What is a Home based Blood typing kit and how does it work?
  • What is the significance of Saliva based Blood typing kits?
  • Ratings and Reviews

    Reviews by other users:

    "The test was very detailed. I read it a few times through to make sure I understood it correctly. I did it with my husband which helped , however this is not necessary. We were both excited to learn all along we were the same blood type! :) Everyone should know their blood type and if you want to avoid the long waiting room wait at the doctors and the pricey bill I highly recommend this test. :D"
    "I purchased this basically out of curiousity. I had always wanted to know my blood type but I’m afraid of needles so I never really considered doing it until I saw this kit and it looked pretty easy. It can be a little bit difficult to get the blood to come out of the little prick that the pricker gives you but if you squeeze from the base of your finger to the tip you can get enough blood for the test (you need more than one drop). I’d recommend this becaue it is easy to use and not too painful."
    "Although the test comes with pretty easy to follow instructions, there are videos on YouTube that will also show you how to do this test. My family already knew all their blood types but we got this kit so my daughter could use it for a science project she was doing. Im’ happy to report that the tests were all 100% correct on blood types and my daughter had a lot of fun doing the test (maybe a little too much fun with the pricking part)."
    "Not much to say besides I needed to know my blood type and this test did it for me easily and virtually painlessly. I highly recommend this kit."
    "The pricking thing is really cheap. I ended up just using a steralized sewing needle to prick my finger. I also found the results kind of difficult to read and the whole thing was a bit confusing."
    "The kit is very easy to use the results are surprisingly easy to read. Just make sure you read the instructions closely and don't get ahead of yourself. I found out the hard way that the lancet's spring is only good for one use. I was fooling around with it and caused it to pop out, and then I had no choice but just to disassemble it and then manually shove the lancet into my finger. As long as you read all the instructions first, though, you should be fine."
    "The instructions seem a little complicated at first glance but the company suggest you go to their website to watch a short but comprehensive video on using the test. I’d definitely recommend watching this video before you begin. The video shows how simple it is to use. The only problem I found is that you only get one shot with the lancet to puncture the skin. The spring mechanism retracts to prevent multiple uses. The problem with that is that it was quite difficult for me to squeeze out enough blood to get four drops from the lesion the lancet caused. I would have liked to have had a few more cracks at it."
    "Knowing your blood type is significant in many ways. We're using this test in our community center. It works well for us. There's no need for training to collect samples and there's a record card each member can keep. "

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    "got exactly what i ordered timely and at a good price" (Thomas)