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UV Safe Meter UV Indicator Card

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Product Description

  • Monitor your exposure to the harmful UV lights
  • Suggests SPF number for your sunblock
  • No batteries required

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Expose the UV Safe Meter to direct sunlight for 20 seconds, then compare the color in the sun's center with the meter bar to find the approximate UV intensity.
Human skin is sensitive to UV light, although the level of sensitivity may differ for each individual. An overexposure to UV radiation can cause sunburn and some forms of skin cancer. In humans, prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye, and immune system.

UV can damage collagen fibers and thereby accelerate aging of the skin. It also destroys vitamin A in skin which may cause further damage.

In the past UV was considered less harmful, but today it is known, that it can contribute to skin cancer via the indirect DNA damage.

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