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»»»Toxic Element Exposure Hair Testing Kit (Test for 31 Heavy Metals & Toxins)

Toxic Element Exposure Hair Testing Kit (Test for 31 Heavy Metals & Toxins)

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Toxic Element Exposure Hair Testing Kit (Test for 31 Heavy Metals & Toxins) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Detects Donor Exposure to 31 Different Heavy Metals, Toxic and Essential Elements
    • Exposure to Toxic Amount of Heavy Metal can Cause Death (OSHA)
    • Screens your Hair Sample for Toxic Elements to Ensure Wellbeing
    • Long Detection Window (Up to 6 Months) and  Non-Invasive Procedure
    • CLIA-Accredited Laboratory test
    • Cannot Ship to Residents in NY State

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  • Due to state law unable to ship this product to NY
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    Are you feeling bad and don't know why?
    An imbalance of essential minerals or heavy metal toxins can affect your overall wellbeing. You can inquire with your Health Care provider to order this test and process it for you.

    This hair toxicity exposure profile test measures the toxic and essential elements in human body. The test is designed to be a screening examination for checking out the levels of 31 different toxins. Here are the elements this hair test measures:

    Arsenic Lead Mercury Cadmium
    Chromium Berllium Cobalt Nickel
    Zinc Copper Thorium Thallium
    Barium Cesium Manganese Selenium
    Bismuth Vanadium Silver Antimony
    Palladium Aluminum Platinum Tungsten
    Tin Uranium Gold Tellurium
    Germanium Titanium Gadolinium  
    • An inexpensive way to determine the body's level of exposure to various kinds of chemicals
    • Tests for highly toxic substances like lead, arsenic, and mercury.
    • Requires only 0.25g of human hair
    • CLIA-Accredited Laboratory test
    • Quantified detailed results with screenings at microgram/gram levels


    So why use human hair as a specimen for this test? Hair is considered an excretory tissue, a part of the body where protein is synthesized. Thus, the elements are integrated into the hair without further equilibration or exchange with other tissues. Unlike other tests which require blood samples and other specimens, this test believes that hair is a temporal record of exposure to toxic elements and valuable substances as well.

    The systemic levels of toxic and essential elements found in the human body are the same as the ones measured from scalp hair. Research shows that the human hair is the specimen of choice for various nutrient elements and toxic substances as well.

    The CPT Code recommended for processing the office visit for discussing the results of this test are (99201-99215). Depending on the type of the test result and specifics of the visit, one of those CPT Codes could be the best fit.


    A lack of these beneficial minerals or too higher levels of the toxic elements can contribute to symptoms such as

    Hair loss

    Weight gain,

    Brittle nails or those with white spots on the fingernails

    Lack of sexual function

    Low immunity

    Foggy or cloudy brain

    Liver problems


    Chronic fatigue






    Muscle pain

    Digestive dysfunction

    High blood pressure


    Low appetite

    Taste and skin problems

    Advances in technology have resulted to an ever-increasing amount of toxic elements in the environment and even in our own body. These elements may accumulate inside the body and may cause some minor changes. Over the years, however, the alterations can become really extensive that it can trigger several physical abnormalities.

    Toxic substances have the ability to damage our nerves and tissues. They play a big role in early neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Parkinson’s disease. Studies show that such venomous elements can trigger respiratory illness, heart disease, and gastrointestinal disorders, among others. Additionally, long-term exposure to these toxins can put you at high risk for cancer.

    The Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile assesses the level of lethal substances in the body by using only human hair. Scientific literature suggests that if the analysis is accurate, this type of test is a reliable gauge for chronic toxic exposure. Should the levels be elevated, a number of lifestyle and clinical interventions can be implemented to decrease toxin levels. Follow-up hair testing is then needed to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of intervention.

    All screening tests have limitations that must be taken into consideration. The correlation between hair element levels and physiological disorders is determined by different factors. Individual variability and compensatory mechanisms are major factors that affect the relationship between the distribution of elements in hair and symptoms and pathological conditions.

    It is also very important to keep in mind that scalp hair is vulnerable to external contamination of elements by exposure to hair treatments and products. Likewise, some hair treatments (e.g. permanent solutions, dyes, and bleach) can strip hair of endogenously acquired elements and result in false low values.

    Careful consideration of the limitations must be made in the interpretation of results of human hair analysis. The data provided should be considered in conjunction with symptomology, occupation, diet analysis and lifestyle, physical examination and the results of other analytical laboratory tests.

    Caution: The contents of this report are not intended to be diagnostic and the physician using this information is cautioned against treatment based solely on the results of this screening test.

    Collect the hair specimen
    1. A paper scale is included in this kit to assist you in collecting the proper quantity of hair. Set it up according to the directions printed on the scale.
    2. Cut samples of hair from the back of the head (see illustration). Use a stainless steel scissors, cut hair as close to the scalp as possible. It is best if small amounts of hair are cut from 5 or 6 areas in the back of the head.
    3. As each piece of hair is cut from the head, save only 1-inch (2.5 cm) of the hair closest to the scalp (new growth). Cut off and discard the rest. Place the saved hair on the scale.
    4. Keep cutting and adding this hair to the scale card until the scale tips. This scale is designed to collect about 0.25 grams of hair.
    5. Label the plastic bag with the patient’s name, doctor’s name, and the date collected.
    6. Put the hair into the plastic bag and seal
    7.Complete the requisition form and mail
    8. Place the hair specimen bag and the completed requisition form into the mailing envelope and mail to the Laboratory.

    Please note that we strongly suggest that you visit your personal doctor with your results. The report is a complimentary service and not intended to provide health advice.

    1. Hair that has been permed, dyed, bleached, or otherwise chemically treated is vulnerable to elemental contamination. Therefore, it is recommended that treated hair not be used for analysis.
    2. If hair is too short to cut, thinning shears may be used to obtain the specimen by placing them next to the scalp.
    3. If you are sending the specimen from outside the United States, please make your own shipping arrangements.
    4. Do not mix head hair with pubic hair
    5. This test is not covered by Medicare.
    6. You can not order this test from New York State

    Ratings and Reviews

    Reviews by other users:

    "I’m a firefighter and I have to be around buildings all the time with God-only-knows what burning in them. I was curious about what toxic elements might show up from this test but nothing showed up. If you don’t have some kind of job that exposes you to toxins, I don’t know if the price would be worth satisfying your curiosity. It satisfied mine."
    "If you have really short hair, you’re going to find this test difficult to collect a sample for. I wear my hair cropped and I found that I had to grow it out for a few months just so be able to get enough and the length of the strands they were looking for. (They ask you to save about an inch that was growing closest to the scalp.) As I really don’t like my hair being long at all (even an inch drives me snaky) this was a really difficult test to do for me. If you wear your hair a bit long or long already than you should be fine. "
    "I did this test at the insistence of my mom after I had been working for a company that cleans up contaminated sites like old gas stations and things like that. Although nothing was at a bad level, it was extremely interesting to find out this information. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with all the hair cutting. The directions say to cut hair from six different places on the back of your head so don’t have any important events coming up if you’re going to do this test. "
    "I am working on a power plant and I always suspect that I am exposed to certain toxins and heavy metals, I brought this product to have myself check, and this gives me wonderful result."

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    "Awesome value, and super efficient." (Mallory)