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One Flush Septic Energizer Kit

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Product Description

    • Easy To Use - Drop a Packet in the Toilet and Flush Once a Month
    • Saves Water - Goes Down in One Flush
    • Concentrated - Reduces Packaging, Waste and Storage By Over 90%
    • Biodegradeable - Destroys Toxic Pollutants Ordinary Products Can't Touch
    • Rejuvenates Septic Tanks, Leach Fields, Drains and Cesspools
    • Contains Only Natural Ingredients

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With the One Flush Septic Energizer, your entire septic system is totally protected by simply flushing our product into your system once monthly. By using a monthly maintenance approach, you prevent problems, restore your system and biodegrade pollutants before they enter the environment. One Flush can be used for most plumbing systems including toilets, septic tanks, drains and garbage disposals.

Why Should You Use One Flush? Your septic system needs bacteria to break down organic matter to keep itself alive and efficient. Every time you shower, wash clothes or dishes, you send high concentrations of detergents into your septic or greywater system which would kill the beneficial bacteria. With one easy flush per month, the One Flush bacteria digests and biodegrades these pollutants and prevents them from harming your system.

The One Flush system needs water to become active and needs a water temperature between 45 and 110 degrees. It is recommended to use One Flush when septic and plumbing use is at its lowest, such as overnight. Sometimes it is better to dissolve one pack in warm water for use as a drain treatment or compost activator.

Normal Maintenance – drop one pack into toilet and flush. Repeat monthly.

Problem Systems – Bad odor, sluggish flushing and wet leach fields may be treated by one or two packs per week for one month. Resume monthly treatments to prevent future problems.

Garbage Disposals – Pre-dissolve two packs in a pint of very warm water. Allow to sit at least overnight.

Drains – One pack will treat 4-6 drains. Cut pack open and distribute evenly between drains, followed by 8 ounces of warm water. The pre-dissolving method may also be used by mixing one pack with two quarts of warm water.

Sluggish Drains – Place one pack in drain, followed by a pint of warm water added very slowly. Allow to sit overnight.

Clogged Drains – Place one pack in drain, add one pint of very warm water. Force down with stick or plunger. Allow to sit overnight. If treatment is unsuccessful, more drastic means such as a snake, chemicals, or disassembly may be needed.

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