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Ancestry Home DNA Testing Kit

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Product Description

    • Comprehensive Complete Ancestry Analysis
    • Find Out Your Earliest Ancestors
    • Easy & Convenient (Saliva) sample collection
    • CLIA-licensed (Pathway Genomics) laboratory
    • Fast, Easy to Understand Online Results
    • Includes Shipping & Lab Fee (No Hidden Fees for Test Result)

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Ever wonder where you and your family came from? Ancestry Home DNA testing will discover more about your personal heritage than you ever thought possible. In fact, it's the world's most comprehensive DNA ancestry analysis available.

Instead of digging deep into family and historical records to identify your ancestors and their stories, your genes still carry identities and traits passed on by ancient ancestors who lived long before recorded history. Ancestry DNA testing renowned genetic genealogists use advanced scientific research and analysis to classify you into over 1000 maternal and nearly 250 paternal haplogroups.

  • Map the heritage in your genes.
  • Maternal & Paternal Lineages.
  • Cost Effective Ancestry DNA Test.
  • Ancestry DNA tests cover more than 1000 maternal and over 200 paternal Haplo-groups

Accessing a LifePath map

Not only will Ancestry DNA testing tell you the location of your ancestral beginnings, but ancestry DNA testing kit will provide you with their migratory path on our interactive LifePath map.  See where your ancestors originated and how they migrated around the globe. Genetic mutations that naturally occur in our distant ancestral lines provide information that can also help you understand your recent ancestry as well.




The Genetic Ancestry DNA testing offers the most precise and comprehensive measurements of genetic ancestry available today. DNA home testing kit provides both maternal and paternal ancestry information, so you can learn where your ancestors originated and view their migration patterns across the continents over time. Ancestry DNA Testing will also provide you with information about your ethnic makeup, telling you the different cultural backgrounds that are represented in your genetic profile.

Maternal vs. Paternal

Both males and females can test their mtDNA to determine the origin of their maternal line. Note that the mtDNA strictly checks the maternal line, with no influence from any males along that line. Men and women both receive their mtDNA from their mother.

Males can test their Y chromosome to determine the origin of their paternal line. Note that the Y chromosome test strictly checks the paternal line, with no influence from any females along that line.

Females do not receive Y-DNA, and therefore females cannot be tested for the paternal line. If you are a female and would like to know about your paternal line, you will need to have a brother or a male relative from that line tested.




Dig deep into your ethnic origins

DNA Ancestry Testing provides you with the most up-to-date Admixture information available on the market today, enabling you to understand your ethnic makeup (e.g. Indian, European, African American, Asian, etc.) Ancestry DNA Testing kit can also tell you if you are related to famous people like Thomas Jefferson, Genghis Khan, Marie Antoinette or many others.

How It Works

1.      Order your test from our online store

Order your Personal DNA Home Test online. When your DNA collection kit arrives you will have everything you need to get started. Get free shipping when you order additional tests for your children, family, or friends.

2.      Collect and Activate

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to 1) accurately collect a small of amount saliva in the tube provided and 2) activate your private, password-protected account online.

3.      Send Your Saliva Sample

Using the pre-paid Fed-Ex package included, send your sample to our secure onsite CLIA-certified lab, where your personal information is protected for privacy purposes.


1.      Provide your results online

When your results are ready, they will post an easy-to-understand analysis of your DNA in your private and secure account, along with your Ancestral Name, Story & Life Map and Reveal Genetic Cousins

2.      Counsellors are available

Laboratory can offer you an ongoing support in case of your need. Because of the complexity and inherent uncertainties in genetic information, it's recommended that you discuss the results of your genetic test with a genetic professional, either a Genetic Counsellor or a physician with specialty training in genetics. Laboratory's Genetic Counsellors are available any time to review your genetic DNA test screening results with you.

International buyers are responsible for shipping the specimens back to the lab in the United States. TestCountry is not responsible for failed tests due to delays and/or miscollection of specimens.

The Chain of Custody Form is valid for one year after the date of purchase.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"Fine job, good communication from the company, and excellent customer service. Quick and efficient, would use again."
"I found out some utterly fascinating things about my family heritage because of this test. Those don’t belong in a review of course but if you are at all interested in your heritage or finding out where the roots of your family tree are planted then you should invest in this kit. You might just find out something very interesting!"
" I have this product just to know who are my relatives in that place and the result is very much satisfying. "

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"Easy to administer and test results were available very fast!! " (Donielle)