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»»»PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit With Bacteria Nitrates/Nitrites Tests

PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit With Bacteria Nitrates/Nitrites Tests

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PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit With Bacteria Nitrates/Nitrites Tests click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Tests Water for E. coli (Escherichia Coli) and Coliform Bacteria
    • Delivers Accurate Results Based on EPA Testing Methods
    • Results in 48 Hours with Nothing to Mail
    • Convenient for Home Use with Straightforward Instructions

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PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit includes:

  • 1 Bacteria Test Bottle
  • 2 Nitrate/Nitrites Test Strips

Drinking dirty water puts your health in great danger. Statistics have shown that waterborne diseases are a growing human tragedy, killing more than 5 million people each year – mostly children. At home, you may be drinking water from the tap; however, although treated, tap water may contain certain bacteria which are invisible to the eye, such as E. coli and coliform bacteria.

This PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit allows you to screen your home water from any harmful bacteria that can endanger your health, as well as that of your family members’. It includes three tests – one for one for E. coli and coliform bacteria, and two for nitrates and nitrites.

Nitrates and nitrites are undetectable without testing. They are odorless, colorless and tasteless. This bacteria water test kit with bacteria nitrates/nitrites test is recommended in households with infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers or elderly people, as they are the most susceptible to nitrate or nitrite contamination.

How to Use PurTest Bacteria Water

PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit is very easy to use. It comes with an instruction leaflet to guide you through the simple test procedure. Take out the Bacteria Test vial and set upright on a flat surface. Collect water sample or turn on the tap to a very slow stream. Carefully twist off cap and fill vial 1/2 inch below the top (to 5 ml line) – make sure not to overfill or spill the bacteria growth powder in the vial. Replace cap and twist on tightly. Shake the vial vigorously for 20 seconds. Place the capped vial upright in a warm area (70° - 90°) where it cannot be disturbed for 48 hours. Do not expose the vial to direct sunlight.

How to Read the Result

After 48 hours, you can observe the color of the liquid WITHOUT opening the vial. A purple color indicates negative result (original color, no bacteria were detected); and a yellow color indicates a positive result, which translates that your water is highly likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Water is vital to human health. Because our body is heavily made up of water, people who drink sufficient amount of water on a regular basis are able to function well in their everyday tasks. Our brains in particular consist of 90% water; hence, you can just imagine that if you’re not supplying your body with enough water, you’re likely to experience headaches or migraine. Other benefits of drinking water include making your skin look healthier and younger, helps reduce weight and your risk of cancer, better productivity at work, relieves fatigue, helps in digestion and constipation, and so forth. But just as water is important in promoting better health, one must be cautious with the water s/he drinks.

According to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, with 2 million deaths a year being attributable to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene. The quality of drinking water is often affected by a number of factors, including household connection, public standpipe, borehole condition, protected dug well, protected spring and rain water collection. This is the reason why most water needs treatment before use, even water from deep wells or springs. But health concerns arise when conventional water treatment systems are compromised, resulting to contamination of water with chemical/physical and microbiological parameters.

Microbiological parameters include coliform bacteria, E. coli, and specific pathogenic species of bacteria (such as cholera-causing Vibrio cholerae), viruses and protozoan parasites. To help household consumers detect bacteria in their drinking or tap water, quite a few companies have recently started offering instant water test kits to or bacteria test kits.

Most of the drinking water test kits available in the market today, such as the PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit with Bacteria Nitrates/Nitrites Tests, measures the presence E. coli and coliform bacteria in the water, as well as nitrate/nitrites contents.

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