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»»»»»iScreen Urine Drug Control Kit - Positive and Negative Controls (20 mL)

iScreen Urine Drug Control Kit - Positive and Negative Controls (20 mL)

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iScreen Urine Drug Control Kit - Positive and Negative Controls (20 mL) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Monitors the performance of drug detection devices
    • Safe and easy to use for laboratory practices
    • Intended for professional health care providers
    • Compatible with all quantitative and qualitative drug detection tools
    • For in vitro diagnostic use only
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This iScreen® Urine Drug Control Kit is designed to monitor and validate the performance of drugs of abuse detection methods at levels established by SAMHSA, CAP/AACC and many state programs. It includes negative and positive controls that contain stabilized human based urine which are ideal for laboratory practices. The positive drug control must test positive on the drugs of abuse test device or screening method, and the negative control must test negative.  These urine drug controls are meant to be used only to validate the performance of immunoassay drug screening methods.

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