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PawCheck - Instant Diabetes Home Urine Testing Kit for Cats (2 Tests per Package)

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PawCheck - Instant Diabetes Home Urine Testing Kit for Cats (2 Tests per Package) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Tests for sugar level in cat's urine
    • Comes with 2 tests
    • Clean and simple to use
    • Non-invasive and pain-free
    • Results available in 2 minutes

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2 - 24$13.95
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Recent veterinary studies reveal that 1 in 400 cats acquire diabetes mellitus. Some of the signs of cats with diabetes include weight loss, increased appetite, excessive urination, excessive thirst, and general fatigue. Pet obesity is cited as one of the risk factors of feline diabetes.  If you have a diabetic cat, regular monitoring of her glucose level is a must. 

This instant home test kit is designed to check glucose level in cat’s urine. It is safe, easy to use and provides result in just 2 minutes. Monitoring your cat’s sugar level at home is less stressful and saves you time and money. However, do take not that this urine test is not meant to substitute veterinary advice. 

There are several causes of diabetes in cats, such as physical inactivity that leads to obesity, certain medical conditions like infection and endocrine disorders, and certain medication like steroids. Learning more about cats and diabetes is a good way to care for your pet and prevent her from acquiring the disease. Similarly, the use of this instant urine test kit can help monitor your cat’s health, so you can seek proper treatment for your pet.

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"We needed something like this to test our cat. Very satisfied."

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