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»»»PetConfirm - Instant Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Early Screening Home Urine Testing Kit For Dogs (2 Tests Per Package)

PetConfirm - Instant Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Early Screening Home Urine Testing Kit For Dogs (2 Tests Per Package)

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PetConfirm - Instant Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Early Screening Home Urine Testing Kit For Dogs (2 Tests Per Package) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Detects the Indicators of Urinary Tract Pathology in Your Dog's Urine: Blood, Leukocytes (White Blood Cells) and Nitrite
    • Pain-Free and Simple to Use
    • Result Available in 2 Minutes
    • Clean and Reliable Testing
    • For In-Vitro Diagnostic Use Only
    • Comes With 2 Test Kits Per Package

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Canine urinary tract infection is a condition that is not always noticed in the early stages because clinical symptoms are not always recognizable. Female dogs are usually more vulnerable to urinary tract infection, although it can occur in male dogs, too. Urinary tract infection in dogs is commonly caused by stress, intestinal or environmental bacteria (like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Proteus, and Enterococcus) that enter and ascend the urethra, ultimately proliferating in the urinary bladder. Some of the signs of urinary tract infections in dogs include lethargy, frequent urination, increased thirst, straining or difficulty urinating,  blood in urine, incontinence and unexplained accidents in the house. Unless you take your dog to your veterinarian to get him tested, your dog’s UTI might be in the advanced stage.

This instant urinary tract infection home urine testing kit offers a convenient method to monitor your dog’s health at home. It follows only four easy steps to detect the indicators of urinary tract pathology – Blood, Leukocytes (white blood cells), and Nitrite – in your dog’s urine. The result is available in as fast as 2 minutes. While the finding is not meant to substitute professional advice, you can use the result as basis to discuss your pet’s health with your veterinarian. The early detection of the disease will enable your dog to receive proper treatment and adequate care. This home urinary tract infection test is non-invasive and very simple to use.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"I dipped the test strip into my dog's urine specimen, put the paw cap back onto the strip, and compared the result to the provided color chart. This entire procedure took about three minutes. Since my dog goes to the vet once a year, I can perform this easy test at home and in between the vet visits."
"This product is wonderful. One of my dogs was showing signs of a UTI so I purchased this product and went home to test him. It's not complicated at all. It’s easy to use and read. I took the strip to my vet who prescribed medications for him on the spot and he is on his way to recovery without all the big vet bills. It's about time something like this was available to consumers!!"

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