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»»»Mission At Home Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test Strips (3 Strips)

Mission At Home Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test Strips (3 Strips)

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Mission At Home Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test Strips (3 Strips) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Hospital Quality UTI Test Strips
    • FDA Cleared, CLIA Waived and CE Marked
    • Simple to Use at Home, Accurate and Affordable
    • Great Value - 3 Pack (Individually-Wrapped Strips)
    • Tests for Both Leukocytes (White Blood Cells) and Nitrite for Greater Reliability

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Mission® Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Home Test Strips

  • FDA 510(k) cleared for OTC
  • Test is easy to perform and interpret
  • Test results are ready in 1 minute for nitrite and 2 minutes for leukocytes
  • Obtain reliable results by using strips that are similar to the ones used in a doctor's office
  • Inexpensive testing without the need of laboratory instruments or home equipment
  • 3 Individually packaged strips
  • 24 Months shelf life, refrigerated or at room temperature between 36 to 86 °F


Mission Brand UTI At Home Test Strips are urinalysis reagent strips designed to accurately test for and monitor infections of the urinary tract. This product is FDA 510k-cleared for OTC, CLIA-waived and CE-marked. Ideal for home testing, it will test for nitrite and leukocytes, much like the test strips used in a doctor's office. Each pack contains 3 individually-wrapped strips. 




Why Test with Mission Home UTI Test Strips

Many diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract may be asymptomatic, meaning they could be there for a long time without patients noticing anything wrong. For this reason, it is wise to routinely watch out for possible renal damage or urinary tract diseases. Catching them early can make a big difference, especially for a population that is already considered high risk for hypertension and diabetes.

Urine test strips like Mission At Home UTI Test Strips can be used in many areas of healthcare like general preventive medicine, screening for routine examinations, self-monitoring and treatment monitoring. Simple tests can identify specific kidney and urinary tract diseases like haematuria, proteinuria, glomerulonephritis and chronic kidney disease

Features and Benefits of Home UTI Test Strips 

  • - Low cost - Mission® UTI Test Strips provide affordable testing without expensive laboratory fees or sophisticated home equipment and can be performed as often as needed
  • - Easy and convenient - the test is very easy to perform and can be done right in your own home as often as needed
  • - Quick and accurate - test results are ready within minutes (nitrite - 1 minute, leukocytes - 2 minutes) and are as reliable as those used at doctors' offices
  • - Long shelf life - can be stored for up to 24 months either refrigerated or at room temperature between 36 °F and 86 °F


Manufactured by Acon Clinical Chemistry, with headquarters in San Diego, California, a division of Acon Laboratories, Inc. With product presence in over 130 countries, Acon has led the way in making high-quality point of care medical diagnostics more affordable.

Mission At Home UTI Test Strips are available at TestCountry. We offer a Price Match Guarantee with attractive discounts for bulk orders. Please check out our website or talk to our Customer_Service for assistance.

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