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TestCountry Association Advantage Program

As an association, you are committed helping your members cut costs and save money whenever possible in a constantly changing economic environment. Along with costs, you also want to make the complex business matters like background screening, pre-employment drug testing easier for your members. With TestCountry's Association Advantage Program, you and your members get multiple benefits.

Program Overview

You apply to join the TestCountry Association Advantage Program and TestCountry provides you with a customized landing page for your members to fill all their backgrounds screening, workplace drug testing, professional and medical diagnostics instant test and various laboratory testing needs.

It's that simple.

Benefits to your members:

  • Exclusive savings with coupons only offered to Association Advantage Program members
  • Free access to TestCountry's various white papers, guides and information on substance abuse testing trends and concerns
  • Dedicated customer service exclusively assigned for your association members
  • Top quality products and services with proven history

Benefits to your association:

  • Customized landing page for your association
  • Marketing and social media marketing assistance
  • Combined press releases from TestCountry and your association for announcements
  • Tax-exempt commission revenues from TestCountry for your association

Why Choose

In the last 10 years TestCountry has helped hundreds of companies and organizations save time and money. TestCountry has a long list of low-cost, convenient, simple to use, and reliable drug testing and pre-employment screening solutions such as:

  • Accurate and Cost Effective Instant Urine and Saliva Drug Testing Kits
  • Laboratory based Urine and Hair Testing conducted at more than 8000 collection centers nationwide
  • Background screening system integrated with full service workplace drug testing management suite
  • Illicit Drug, Synthetic Drug, Prescription drug, nicotine and alcohol testing capability
  • Online ordering, online results, fast shipping and dedicated customer service
  • We are proud members of BBB, CADCA, DATIA & SAAPA

Many types of businesses and organizations would find TestCountry products and services useful:

  • Human resources related businesses and associations
  • Safety and security related businesses and associations
  • Small business associations
  • Hospitality industry businesses and associations
  • Construction and manufacturing businesses and associations
  • Organizations that fight against drug abuse
  • Any business or association that caters to people who are susceptible to drug or substance abuse (homeless shelters, drug recovery centers, rehabilitation centers)

By partnering with TestCountry, your members will be eligible to receive discounts and expert knowledge from the best substance abuse testing service in the country. This will reflect equally well on your association.

For More Information

If you are interested in helping your members save money while earning revenue for your organization, please contact us to find out how to set up a partnership with TestCountry.

U.S.: (800) 656 0745 (Toll Free) or (858) 784 6904
International: +1 858 784 6904
Fax: (630) 566-0708


"Hi Customer Rep. , thanks it is great service , you save me a bunch of valuable time and money in my small one person business . Thanks for being there and providing this valuable service ,it is quick , painless and inexpensive , what more could we ask for?" (Josie)