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TestCountry makes the process of hiring with trust easier. We have created different type of corporate pre-employment screening packages that will help you with your new hires. You can also utilize our award winning online drug screening setup and result management system for your new or existing employees.

You can either buy easy full service packages where you use as you need to and a TestCountry representative do all the work for you, or you can have a self-service fully functional account you can use when and as you want to.

Because employment screening services can be complicated and finding the right background check and drug test package for your needs is important we have developed this quick tool for you. Just answer few quick questions and we will match you with the absolute best packages we have for your case. Promise it will only take two minutes. Not only we will match you with the best solution we can, at the end you will receive discount coupon and links to many valuable free guide and template resources such as:

+ Employment Background Screening for Small to Medium Enterprises
+ Workplace Drug Testing Policy and Procedure Examples
+ Drug Free Workplace Policy Template & More.

If your prefer to immediately talk with a TestCountry representative about background screenings, call: 800-656-0745 or email

Your employees are what make your company, a company. They represent you to your customers. They conduct business handling sensitive information or go to people's houses in your company's name. It does not matter how reputable or a best reviewed company you might be, even one wrong employee on your team can change all that instantly.

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