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Employment Background Screening Questions

What is Background Screening?

Background screening is when you check someone's personal history to ensure they are a good fit for a job or for some other role.

When you check someone's background, you look at:

+ whether they have any criminal convictions,

+ whether they are registered on any watch lists (sex offender registries, etc) or

+ whether they have any warrants out for their arrest domestically or internationally.

+ All of TestCountry's background screening services include drug testing unless you request that it not be included.

Why Check Someone's Background?

Workplace Safety

Background checks are important for maintaining workplace safety. Someone with a record of violent behavior might not be a good fit for your office or someone who has been registered as a sex offender might not be able to work with certain groups of people like children.

Due Diligence

It's also a way for you as a company to perform your due diligence to ensure the safety of your customers, clients, employees and other stakeholders in your company. If you hire a dangerous person and that person ends up harming someone in your organization, your company might be held liable for their actions if you did not perform your due diligence in checking the person's history.

What is Checked in a Background Screening?

There are various levels to background screenings. The most thorough background screenings will check the following:

+ Drug Testing

+ Nationwide Criminal with Social Security Number Trace and Alias

+ Sex Offender Registry

+ Global Criminal Watch List

+ National Federal Criminal

+ Nationwide Wants and Warrants