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Background Screening Customer User Guide

Profile Creation: This allows you to function as a customer and enter profiles for applicants. Profiles contain the applicant information and any orders/services that are desired. Some services require more information than the basic applicant information of First Name, Last Name, SSN and DOB.

Main Menu Screen that the Customer sees upon logging on.

  1. New Profile – click Create New Profile to create a draft profile for an applicant.
  2. View All Profiles – click View All Profiles to bring up the customer's profile summary screen.
  3. Folder Name – Folders can be created during profile creation.
  4. Search – By using this feature, you can search by the first name, last name, first + last, SSN with dashes.
  5. Reports - Reports that will be available to customers – profile list and find applicant.
  6. Maximize/Minimize Icon - use this icon to maximize and minimize the indicated fields.
Site Screenshot

The Notification section that is to the right of the summary page is something that is based on individual user accounts when going to a customer. Possible responses that a user can see are:

  • Newly created Profiles
  • Recently submitted Profiles
  • Recently Cancelled Profiles
  • Recently Completed Profiles
Notifications Window

There are 7 basic steps to entering orders for an applicant

  1. Creating a draft profile
  2. Adding additional names (alias/maiden) to the profile
  3. Adding additional addresses to the profile
  4. Choosing order(s) for service(s) for the draft profile
  5. Placing an order for selected services
  6. Submitting the draft profile.
  7. Adding additional services to an "In Progress" profile

Once the draft profile is submitted, the orders are instantaneously sent to the supplier for processing.

Creating a draft personal profile

Open a new browser window and logon.

Click on Create New Profile in the left menu to enter basic Applicant info to create a new profile

***Please note, as the account holder you must have a completed release form for each person you will be submitting for a background check. For this purpose you can use your own template or our Background Screening Release Form(PDF)***

Applicant Entry

Applicant Information Entry - required fields are denoted by * after the entry field. Required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Date
  • SSN
Applicant Entry Form

Other Names

If Other Names Section is enabled, then the below section is available:

Other Names Form

To add additional names: complete the First Name and Last Name fields and select Insert.

Note: The Section Header will maintain a count of Other Names added: Other Names - 2

Other Names Form

To edit an additional name - change the entered value and select the Update button.

To delete an additional name - select the Delete button next to the name no longer needed.

This section can be collapsed by clicking Collapse Button Image in the right corner in the section header.

Other Addresses

If Other Addresses Section is enabled, then the below section is available:

Other Addresses Form

To add additional addresses, complete the Address information and select Insert.

Note the Section Header will maintain a count of Other Addresses added: Other Addresses - 1

Other Addresses Form

To edit an additional address - change the entered values and select the Update button.

To delete an additional address - select the Delete button next to the address no longer needed.

This section can be collapsed by clicking Collapse Button Image in the right corner in the section header.

Service Offerings

If Service selection is set to Pre-Selected services then the below section will be visible.

Initial Pre-Selected Services: This list of services will contain only Pre-Selected Customer services.

Available Services Window

If Service selection is set to All Services then the follow section will be available.

Initial Available Services To Order: This list will contain All Services available to the Customer.

Available Services Window

Saving and Status Bar

Profile Creating Status Bar

Create Your Profile Status Bar

Once the Create New Profile button has been selected, a Creating draft status bar will track the progress.

Create Your Profile Status Bar

Profile Match Search

When the profile is transmitted, the system will check for Matches Found against the Name and/or SSN entered on the new profile against previously Non-Stored profiles.

Once the draft profile is created, you will have the ability to view the Name/SSN matches from the Applicant Information Section.

Profile Match Service

Adding Services

You have the ability to add additional services if the profile is in progress. Any of the customer's remaining available services to order will be listed in the Available Services to Order box on the In Progress profile. You may continue to add any additional services desired by checking the box next to your service selection and clicking the Add Service button.

Adding Additional Services

Services Ordered

Services Ordered Section - Lists the services on the profile and service status

Selected Services Image

Red Dot Red Dot denotes that the Service is added, but no orders have been added for service. To add an order for the desired service, you will click the Paper Icon Paper Icon and proceed with the service required information.

Green Dot Green Dot denotes that the order is ready for transmitting.

Placing an order for a selected service for the draft profile:

Non-location service will require additional information. These criteria may or may not be required, depending on the service. Typical services: References, Education Verifications, Employment Verifications, etc.

Location service requires a location, so that the service can be ordered. In addition, the service may also have additional criteria. Typical services: Statewide Criminals, County Criminals, etc.

To order a Location Service

Click on Paper Icon , the add an order icon, next to the service that you would like to order. Enter desired info. Click on Save & Close to save the order and to close the pop up window, or Save & Add Another, if another location is desired to be added, or Cancel to cancel the order.

Location Services Window

Other Options Available

  • Check Other Names if you wish to order a search on the alias name as well.
  • Uses Values Entered - Uses info entered in the Criteria Fields
  • Uses Values From Selected Address - Uses address fields and extra address fields from top (if checked) (leave criteria fields blank)
  • Use Both Values - Uses info entered in the Criteria fields and the entered address fields (if addresses checked) - verify that locations are not duplicates

To order a non-location service

Click on Paper Icon , the add an order icon, next to the service that you would like to order. Enter desired info. Click on Save & Close to save the order and to close the pop up window, or Save & Add Another if another location is desired to be added, or Cancel to cancel the order.

Non Location Services Form
NOTE: If a required field is not entered, the order can not be saved.

Transmitting the Draft Profile

Prior to transmitting the profile, you can Add, Modify, and/or remove orders or services from the profile. You can also change the applicant's information and Add, Modify, and/or Delete comments.

Once you are satisfied that you have all orders properly entered, transmit the profile by clicking on the Transmit Request Button ,Transmit Request Button. The profile will be transmitted and its status moved to In-Progress.

Remember, you can always add more services and/or orders to an In-Progress Profile. However, this must be done prior to the profile becoming completed.

Adding additional services

Check desired service in "Available Services to Order" - click on "Add Services" to add unused services to an In Progress profile.

Additional Services Window

Additional Services Window

Within the profile, click on the order Order Reset Bubble result bubble, the results can be viewed with the applicant information.

Completed Orders Window

Results that is viewable in the order result bubble.

Viewable Results
Profiles List

Viewing Folders

To select a folder - select from the list on the customer's profile summary left menu. The folder names will appear indented underneath View All Profiles link.


Common Symbols and Links

Symbol/Link Action
Add New Service Icon Add a new order. This allows you to add a new order to a service.
Add New Service To Profile Icon Add New Service To Profile Icon.
Remove An Order Icon Remove an order from a service or remove a service from the draft profile.
Green Dot Designates that the order is ready and can be transmitted when profile is transmitted.
Red Dot Designates that the order is not ready and can not be transmitted when the profile is transmitted.
Results Order Icon Displays results of the specific order.
Flagged Order Icon Designates a flagged order.
Order In Progress Icon Designates an order in progress.
Order Completed Icon Designates an order that is completed.
Service Alert Icon Designates that a service alert exists on the service. You should review the results, place any necessary additional orders, and then clear the service alert, if so authorized. Hover over the Service Alert Icon. The remove service alert term appears. Remove Service Alert Button.
Highlighted Profile Icon Designates that the profile is highlighted. The profile is placed in a separate column on the profile summary page.
Order Notes Icon Designates that the order has status detail notes from the BO/Supplier.

Profile Status Overview

  • To place any order in the system, you must create a profile. A profile, also known as an applicant profile, is a collection of orders for a specific subject that requires results. The profile is completed when it all orders have been completed and reviewed and the profile itself has been successfully reviewed.

There are 5 statuses within the profile.

Status Description
Draft The profile is created, but it has not been transmitted to the Supplier for processing. This allows the user to enter the subject, place orders for the subject and review all orders for correctness prior to transmitting for processing. In this status, any orders can be added, modified, or deleted without incurring cost.
In Progress The profile has been successfully transmitted. Once the profile is in progress, all orders are submitted for immediate processing. The turnaround time of the results for each order in the profile is dependent on the type of service ordered and the order itself. In this status, additional orders may be added, but existing orders cannot be modified or deleted. Unlike Draft, the orders are immediately placed upon saving. Therefore, you should verify the correctness of the profile and any orders in the profile in the Draft status.
Completed The profile is considered completed once all orders are reviewed and completed, and when the profile is reviewed. Depending on the type of orders and the customer's configuration, review may or may not be performed. No additional orders can be placed for the profile. In the status, even if an order is completed, the Business Owner may modify the results of each order in the profile, prior to the profile being archived.
Archived By archiving the profile, the system sets and locks all information pertaining to the profile. Therefore, unlike the status completed, the results of orders can no longer be updated by the Business Owner. There are 2 ways the profile becomes archived. A user with proper access manually archives the profile after reviewing the results. If the profile is not manually archived, then it is automatically archived by the system after 14 days from its completion. The profile will only be available in the Customer section.
Stored Profiles are moved to an offline database 60 days after the profile is completed. The retrieval of Stored Profiles is available to Admin Customer type users, Admin Business Owner type users and Admin Business Owner/Supplier Type users. The report will be sent to the email address as configured in the user's account configuration. For security purposes, Stored Profiles can only be received for printing by the Business Owner/Supplier with Admin Access, Business Owner with Admin Access, and Customer with Admin Access. Non-Admin Customer user types who need a copy of a Stored Profile must contact their Business Owner or a Customer type user with Admin access.

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